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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Ideas

Mickey Mouse clubhouse party ideas can bring a lot of fun to a kid’s birthday. Considerations for this type of birthday include invitation, decoration, food and drinks, birthday theme cake and the games and activities for the party.

Organizing a birthday party for your kid can be the best birthday gift you can give them, provided the party has a theme set to it. Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is the favorite of all children. They are well-known and can be seen in a lot of cartoons and movies. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party ideas are always a hit with kids! And it’s not a surprise since all children and adults love Mickey. So, what better way to celebrate the birthday of your child to have a Mickey Mouse theme party? The good thing about having a birthday party inspired Mickey Mouse is that you never run out of ideas, and tools to make it work. You can choose from a variety of Mickey Clubhouse invitations, party goods and other supplies available for sale birthday. You can visit numerous online sources and video for more ideas on how you can celebrate your child’s Mickey Mouse Birthday Party in a way that is much more exclusive, more enjoyable, and affordable. Honestly, the possibilities are pretty endless!

Some people assume a themed birthday party is difficult to plan, but having a set theme actually makes everything a whole lot easier. When putting together a Mickey Mouse birthday party, consider the colors and character involved, and the theme will easily fall into place.

Invitations are the first step in planning a themed birthday party. Let your party guests know about the Mickey Mouse theme by buying Mickey Mouse invitations at a party store or creating your own. Use pictures from the computer or draw the iconic Mickey Ears on the invitation and write all of the details inside each ear.

Stick with the party theme when you decorate. Use popular Mickey Mouse colors like red, white, yellow and black for decorations. While Mickey Mouse decorations are available at party stores, it’s easy to make your own. Use the Mickey Mouse colors for table decorations, streamers and balloons throughout the party. Play Mickey Mouse or Disney music to set the mood.

As soon as guests arrive, give them Mickey Mouse ears to wear instead of birthday hats. Color the tips of their nose with black face paint or washable black marker to make them look more like Mickey. While waiting for the guests to arrive, play Mickey Mouse television videos or Mickey Mouse music. Choose party games appropriate for the ages of the guests. Mickey, Mickey, Goofy is a Mickey Mouse version of Duck, Duck, Goose that’s perfect for a younger crowd. Mickey Says, instead of Simon Says is also a fun game for children of all ages.

Choose foods that can be easily shaped to look like Mickey Mouse. Cut sandwiches into three circles (one large circle and two smaller ones) and then display them together to look like Mickey’s face. Do the same for cracker snacks (with Ritz crackers), hamburgers or Jello jugglers. Make a Mickey Mouse birthday cake out of one large cake and two smaller cakes for the ears. Frost a picture of Mickey Mouse or buy a Mickey Mouse cake at a bakery.

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