Farewell Party Ideas

Farewell party ideas can be very memorable and meaningful for all the attendees. You can make use of your creativity to create the party. Some example of great party theme ideas include the Luau party, goodbye party, bonfire party, as well as the “The Amazing Race” themed party.

Farewell Party Ideas 4

It’s often difficult saying goodbye to a friend, family member or co-worker, but a goodbye party can make the occasion somewhat less painful. Ideas for a goodbye party can include a specific theme or a variety of activities. No matter what type of party you decide to give, look at it as an opportunity to share some laughs while letting the person know how much she’ll be missed.

Farewell Party Ideas

You can throw a simple party with a theme based on the person’s destination. For example, if he is moving to Las Vegas, your party can include a mini-casino set-up. For a student going off to school, choose a theme revolving around his intended course of study. If the student is studying to be a doctor, everyone could wear surgical scrubs or nurse’s uniforms.

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Some people have going away parties for their kids going off to college or leaving for a new job. This exciting and sometimes scary time leaves people wondering if they’ll ever come back and where they’ll go to in the coming years. It’s a big adventure, similar to a race around the world, in which the traveller only has a set amount of time to be a little crazy and travel on their breaks before entering the real world of the workforce. So mimic the television show, “The Amazing Race.” Break guests into groups and have a video scavenger hunt. Give each group a video camera and a list of locations and odd things they have to do, such as ask a Target employee where the personal lubricants are or pose for a photo with a fire-fighter. After everyone has come back from completing their lists, watch the videos. Choose a winning group based on who did everything and who got the best shots or funniest responses.

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Set up a bonfire and invite teens to dance the night away before sending their pals off to college with well wishes. Set out glass bottles of soda labelled “I’m going to college” and fill a table with ribs, chili, hot dogs, pasta salad and brownies. Give every guest a small bag with insect repellent, gum and a disposable camera. Collect the cameras at the end of the night and assure people you will get copies made for everyone.

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You can also make a tropical food buffet with offerings like chicken and pineapple kabobs, fruit salad with star fruit, kumquats, mangoes and strawberries, and pineapple cornbread. Partygoers can drink out of coconut shells. Give every guest a grass skirt, coconut bra and lei to wear. Line the perimeter of the party area with tiki torches. Lead guests in chanting farewell to the student. Get the student to give his last hula dance before going to college.

Leaving Party Ideas

Focus the going away party on the move itself. Ask attendees to bring both joke gifts and practical gifts to help make what can be a stressful and exhausting time easier and more fun. Create a “moving survival kit” full of personal necessities some first-time movers may not think of. Fill with items such toilet paper, energy drinks, some new CDs, maps, snack foods and scissors to cut packing tape. Include personal notes from friends to be opened throughout the move to keep spirits high, along with an updated phone book with friends’ numbers and addresses to keep everyone in touch.

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