Inside Out Birthday Party Ideas

Inside Out is the newest movie from Disney/Pixar, and a great summer film for your family! Here are some fun Inside Out party ideas for you. Host the party with “Sweet Mix of Emotions” Jelly Bear Bar, Photo Booth and “Book of Emotions” Party activity. Now decorate this party with Inside Out plush toys and figures.


The Inside Out characters are each different colors, which provides the perfect inspiration for a themed food table. Use different colored table cloths to create a section for each character, and find colorful snacks to match – red peppers for Anger, roasted purple potatoes for Fear, skewers of fresh blueberries for Joy, and more!



Create food ideas based on emotions. We have so many ideas for anger. Anything red or fiery is great! Include this: Feta Cheese Stuffed Mini Red Bell Peppers, Salsa with Red Corn Chips, Flaming Cheetos, Red Hots and Hot Tamale Candies, Angry Red Punch (Get it, because you want to punch something when you are angry? One of the kids came up with that idea!)



Let the little ones have some fun with a craft, while expressing emotions! Have the kids fill colorful balloons with uncooked rice using a funnel. Tie the balloons, and then allow the kids to draw the faces of the Inside Out characters on the balloons. Once the stress ball is completed it doubles as a fun party favour.


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