Super Mario Party Ideas

Super Mario party ideas can be very fun and interesting for kids as well as the guests. Various theme ideas can be incorporated so as to make the party more enjoying and exuberant. Some considerations for this kind of party include the decoration, food menu, as well as the games and activities.

Super Mario Party Ideas

He shoots fire, flies and is always trying to save the princess. With his special powers and heroic attitude, Mario is the popular character in a slew of his own video games, and he is a great choice for a birthday party theme. Kids of all ages and even adults will enjoy celebrating a birthday with the stout Italian in his blue overalls and red baseball cap.

Mario Party Ideas

Red and yellow are the two colours associated with Mario and his many video game adventures. Place helium-filled red and yellow balloons around your home and outside by your mailbox or your door to make your house easy for guests to spot. Decorate your walls with construction paper cut-outs of red brick boxes and the items Mario receives when he bumps the bricks with his head, including gold coins, mushrooms to grow, feathers to fly and a flower for fireballs. Party stores sell cut-outs of Mario and his friends Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad.

Super Mario Birthday Party Ideas

Moreover, you can also prepare fun costumes for your son and his friends with basic clothing items you can find at home or at your local second-hand shop. For the boys, use a variety of coloured long-sleeve shirts and overalls. Mario wears a red shirt and blue overalls. Use a green shirt and blue overalls for Luigi. For Wario, use a yellow shirt and purple overalls. Waluigi wears a purple shirt and black overalls. For the girls you can use an old dress-up dress and a princess crown. Princess Peach wears a pink dress while Princess Daisy wears a yellow dress.

Super Mario Party Supplies

Food can be very creative. You can serve food with a Mario Brothers theme, starting with an obvious game-themed food: mushrooms. Serve party snack food like stuffed mushroom caps or battered, fried mushrooms or mushroom pastries. You can also make mushroom cakes that look like mushrooms in the game. Bake vanilla cupcakes in white cupcake holders, then frost the tops red or green with white spots. For a main course, serve pasta in tribute to Mario’s constant Italian spaghetti references.

Super Mario Party

A Super Mario birthday cake can be as simple or as elaborate as you need it to be. You could make a basic, circular birthday cake and use icing to draw Mario. If you’re not much for cake decorating, have it done at your local grocery store or bakery. More elaborate cake-makers could attempt to make a cake shaped like a green one-up mushroom, a level from a Mario game or one of the characters.

Super Mario Bros Party Ideas

Naturally, no Mario-themed party would be complete without playing some of the most famous Mario Brothers video games. Though the game that made the franchise famous, Super Mario Brothers, is now available on multiple platforms and systems, if you’re opting for nostalgic value, try to use an old Nintendo Entertainment System to enjoy the old controllers and cartridges. In addition to bringing together the most famous and popular of the Mario games, see if you and your guests can rustle up some of games that may be harder to come by now, like old Game Boy games the Virtual Boy and its Mario games, or the original arcade game, Mario Brothers.

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