Elmo Party Ideas

Elmo party ideas are one of the greatest choices especially for celebrating little kids’ birthday. You can make use of your creativity and create a unique celebration. Some considerations for this kind of party include the invitations, decorations, party food, party centrepieces, as well as the games and activities.

Elmo Party Ideas

Giggling and learning about the world around him, Elmo is one of the most popular characters on the PBS children’s program, “Sesame Street.” Elmo-loving children will delight in an invitation to your home for an Elmo-themed party. Indulge a birthday child’s fascination with the fuzzy red monster by including aspects of Elmo’s life and personality in every detail of the celebration.

Elmo Party Supplies

Get creative with the invitations. Create an Elmo-shaped invitation. Either find a picture of Elmo online to use, or create your own using Photoshop, paintbrush or any other design program on your computer. Create a box on the front of the invitation where you will place your invitation information. Write “You’re Invited to Hang out with Elmo for a Happy Birthday!” or something similar. Write the party invitation underneath, including date, location and what to bring. This cute invitation can also serve as a keepsake for the party.

Elmo Party Decorations

Elmo Party Ideas 4

The next important step in creating a great Elmo birthday party is the decorations. Get a red paper tablecloth for your kitchen table. If you want, put up red curtains throughout the house. Buy red plates and napkins, and buy a cake with red frosting. Now that you have the house turned red, get Elmo involved. Hang pictures of Elmo on the walls throughout the house. Draw and colour several Elmo faces onto the red table cloth. Either order or design Elmo’s face on your cake. The whole house should feel like it has been invaded by Elmo.

Elmo Party Ideas 1

You can use a cake or cupcakes as your centrepiece and then later serve it as the party dessert. When planning your dessert, you can either make your own or have one made to your specification at a bakery. If you decide to make your own, consider purchasing an Elmo shaped cake pan at your local craft store. Once you’ve baked your cake, you can use a pastry bag with a star-tip to frost the hair on Elmo. The same frosting method could be used to make individual cupcakes for placement on a cupcake tree. You can also carve cakes into the shape of Elmo, or you could make a sheet cake and pipe alphabet blocks on it and top it with plastic Elmo figurines.

Elmo Party Ideas 2


You can make Elmo-face mini pizzas for your guests. Place black olive slices for eyes and a pineapple-piece nose on sauce-covered crusts. Make mini pizzas with cheese and pepperoni too, and present them on a platter with the Elmo pizzas. Serve cups of cranberry or tomato juice. Give guests a choice of pretzels or goldfish-shaped snacks. Offer red fruit salad made with sliced strawberries, grapes and cherries. Make Elmo cupcakes, frosted red and adorned with a yellow gumdrop nose. Pipe two white frosting circles for Elmo’s eyes and place a chocolate chip in the centre of each one.

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