Cookie Exchange Party Ideas

Christmas is perhaps the best time to host a cookie exchange party. Creative cookie exchange party ideas can bring a really different party experience to the guests. Some examples of cookie exchange party ideas include the winter wonderland, chocolate bliss, babies in Toyland, and also the Toy Galore.

Cookie Exchange Invitations

Host a cookie exchange for a group of friends to gather together for a grand time baking and talking. Cookie exchanges are a winter holiday tradition which involves an all-day or all-night baking festival. While a theme is not necessary to host an exchange, it can add to the fun and flavor of the tradition. In addition to food, incorporate a potluck dinner or serve appetizers to guests while waiting for the cookies to bake.

Cookie Party Ideas

Bring the winter season indoors with a winter wonderland theme. Decorate the house with snowflake cutouts hung from the ceiling or along a curtain rod. Place vases full of blue ornaments around the area to add color, use white plates for serving food and blue and white napkins as accents. Ask guests to bring cookies that can be cut and supply cookie cutters that include snowflakes, snowmen and candle sticks. Decorate cookies with white icing, accented with dark and light blue or vice versa. Cookies can also be sprinkled with a shimmer glaze to add texture.

Cookie Exchange Ideas

Incorporate chocolate into the cookie exchange by hosting a chocolate cookie theme. Purchase chocolate-scented candles and light them around the house to set the aroma. The decorations can include small vases or jars filled with M&M’s, Hershey kisses and chocolate chips to set out for guests to munch on or use to decorate cookies. Serve food on brown or light tan plates with chocolate-themed napkins. Have each guest bring cookie mix that involves chocolate such as chocolate cringles or chocolate chip cookies.

Cookie Exchange Party Ideas

Recreate your childhood with a “Babies in Toyland” theme. Set up classic toy table decorations such as building blocks, a jack-in-the-box and children’s books. Expand the tradition to young children or grandchildren by including them in with the cookie exchange. Ask guests to bring cookies that can be cut into block and other toy shapes and decorated with various colors of icing. While you are waiting for the cookies to bake, play a board game to stay with the theme of the party.

Cookie Exchange Party

Christmas is associated with gift giving and toys make excellent gifts for the young and not so young. Make cookies shaped like toy trains, teddy bears, dolls or Christmas presents and decorate them accordingly. Package cookies in boxes and wrap them up as presents before exchanging them. Ask guests to bring a toy to donate to a hospital or community center. Decorate your table with small boxes wrapped as Christmas presents scattered on the table. Use ribbon and streamers to add a festive touch to the room.

Cookie Swap Party Ideas

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