Garden Party Ideas

Garden party ideas can be an excellent choice for celebrating various parties such as birthday party, wedding party, shower party, or even graduation party. There are many different themes for this kind of party and one of the most famous ones is the Victorian garden party which is very popular in the western countries.

Garden Birthday Party Ideas

Whether formal or informal, whether held on expansive, meticulously manicured grounds or on a back patio in the city, whether you’re having barbecued burgers on paper plates or lobster tails on a silver platter, a garden theme will be the perfect setting for just about any party. If your friends and family enjoy the great outdoors at all, consider having a garden theme party for your next event.

Garden Parties Ideas

For centuries, garden parties have been enjoyed by the well-to-do of England and France. Beautiful estate gardens provided the setting for a gathering of the elite, dressed in lavish attire, with buffet tables featuring sumptuous feasts and shady areas with comfortable seating for enjoying refreshments, live music and conversation. Such parties would last for several days, into the night, with lanterns and candles glowing warmly against the greenery. No longer just for the upper class, garden parties are enjoyed now by people everywhere.

Garden Party Decorating Ideas

If you garden is a culinary garden, serve a meal prepared with the fruits of your labour. Roast a chicken stuffed with your fresh rosemary and sage, and prepare an extravagant salad with produce straight from your garden. Serve tea made from your chamomile plant, and for dessert, a cobbler made with your prize peaches. Use fragrant herbs to make wreaths for the table, and water your garden immediately prior to the party to bring out the aroma. Provide each of your guests with clippings or seeds from your favourite specimens for them to plant at home.

Garden Theme Party Ideas

Garden Party Decorations

The traditional Victorian garden party was usually a tea held outdoors with the garden as the backdrop. Set up small cafe tables and chairs, use elegant linen tablecloths and napkins, and serve dainty cakes and pastries along with a gourmet tea. A silver tea service is perfect and can be rented from a party rental company if you do not have one. Guests can play croquet and badminton, and stroll around the grounds to admire your hard work. For added fun, encourage your guests to wear Victorian attire.

Garden Party Ideas

Kids Garden Party Ideas
A garden party is a good way to celebrate a graduation, especially for high school or college grads. A party marks the beginning of a new chapter in the graduate’s life while also celebrating past accomplishments. A garden party should have a light and elegant atmosphere, as well as a nature-rich setting. Hold the party in an actual garden, a park or even in your own backyard. Choose an area with well-maintained grounds that are large enough for entertaining.

Garden Party Theme Ideas

The great thing about garden parties is that they are versatile. They can be as simple as a few little girls gathering for tea and snacks on a picnic table, or elegant enough for a formal wedding. Garden parties are ideal for anyone who enjoys being outdoors on a beautiful day, be it for a holiday, birthday, or just a random gathering of friends. Garden party themes have become so popular that some people have them without even having an actual garden. Instead, an indoor setting is decorated with a garden theme that mimics the atmosphere of the outdoors.

Garden Tea Party Ideas

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