Golf Theme Party Ideas

Golf theme party ideas are quite special and it is certainly a great choice for sports lovers. Some considerations include the invitation of the party, decoration of the party, party menu, centrepieces, as well as the games and activities of the party.

Golf Party

A golf-themed party will please sports lovers of all ages. If your friend or loved one is celebrating a birthday, consider hosting a golf-style bash, which is sure to entertain party guests. Whether the honouree is a professional or amateur golfer, they will appreciate golf decor, party favours and games. Transform your backyard into a mini golf course, or hold the party at a country club.

Golf Party Decorations

Golf invitations should be well-aligned with the theme. Homemade golf invitations are easy to make. Card stock creates a sturdy base for the invitations. You can put card stock in a computer printer making it easy to print the party details. Cut the card stock into the shape of a golf ball, golf tee or golf flag. Another option is to hot glue a golf tee to a piece of green card stock with the party details printed on it.

Golf Party Favors

Green and white is a logical choice for the golf party colour scheme. Other primary colours also fit into the golf theme well. Hang golf flags on the wall. If you don’t have access to real golf flags, cut your own from poster board or felt. Instead of writing a number on each flag, write the name of the location. For example, you might have flags for the food, games, crafts, cake and bathroom. Golf club and golf balls also make ideal decorations.

Golf Party Supplies

If you plan to have food at your party, place a golf-themed centerpiece on each table. One idea is to use golf equipment as the centerpiece. Take a golf ball, a tee and a glove and wrap together with tissue paper. Place the tissue paper into a decorative bowl or another festive container and center on each table.

If you’d rather stick with a pro-golf theme, adorn each table with professional golf trading cards. Use green tablecloths to give each table the look of a putting green. Additional table decorations include score cards, ball markers and divot repair kits.

Golf Theme Party Ideas

If you don’t want to transform your entire backyard into a course, delight party guests by planning golf-inspired games. If you are hosting a party for a child, fill a small plastic pool with sand and bury several golf balls. Give each child a plastic toy shovel and have them dig for balls. Provide a prize for the person who can find the most balls in 30 seconds. As a treat for kids, rent a golf cart and take them for rides around the block. For older children and teenagers, create golf challenges. Make a “sand trap” and have each guest take turns hitting the ball out of it, or ask partygoers to hit balls through a hanging circular wire. During a summer soirée, host a golf game in your backyard pool. Throw golf balls into the pool and provide each guest with a pair of goggles. The participant who collects the most balls in a minute wins.

Golf Themed Party Ideas

Use party favours and snacks to enhance the party’s golf theme. Create personalised golf towels, balls and tees favours. Enhance each item with the guest’s name or with the honouree’s name and party date. As an edible treat, give out chocolate golf balls. Make a golf-inspired party cake. Bake a regular sheet cake and decorate it with green frosting to represent a course. Make golf “flags” using pretzel sticks and pieces of fruit-roll ups. Use blue icing to create a “water hazard,” and crushed graham crackers as a “sand trap.”

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