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Bat Mitzvah Party Ideas

Bat Mitzvah party tends to serves as an important milestone in the life of a Jewish girl. Therefore, having a great party can be rather memorable for her as well as the guests. Some important considerations for this kind of party include the party theme, invitation, decoration, food and beverages, and also the party activities.

Bat Mitzvah Invitations

A bat mitzvah ceremony is the coming of age for a 12-year-old Jewish girl, when she is obligated to follow and observe the commandments. Because of the intense studies leading up to the bat mitzvah religious ceremony, afterward the family hosts a celebration party in her honor. The party is an once-in-a-lifetime event and needs to be memorable. Selecting an appropriate theme for your bat mitzvah party ensures the festivities will not soon be forgotten.

Bat Mitzvah Party Themes

Every young girl has a favorite movie or movie star, or simply loves Hollywood. So a Hollywood theme is perfect for a bat mitzvah. Have a red carpet for the guests to walk on when they enter and request the guests dress in elegant “red carpet” fashion. Video the arrivals just like a Hollywood awards night. Play her favorite movie on a large screen (sound off) as part of the decoration. Use rolls of old film and reels (search garage sales or make fake ones), movie posters, popcorn bags, and spotlights as the decorations. Be sure to have popcorn making machine ready and popping, plus plenty of soda pop and boxes of candy, to give authenticity to going to the movies.

Bat Mitzvah Party Supplies

Bat Mitzvah Themes

Some girls have a dream of travelling to a favorite place, like Paris, London or Hawaii. Select that favorite place as the theme of her bat mitzvah. Use travel posters and items associated with the location for decorations. The guests can dress accordingly to the location. And party refreshments should be typical of the favorite place. As example: she dreams of going to Hawaii, so a beach or luau theme will be perfect. Decorate with large, colorful paper flowers, palm trees, flower or paper leis, colorful umbrellas, paper lanterns and hanging parrots. Ask guests to wear tropical print shirts and dresses. Serve sweet and sour meats, barbecue, fresh fruits and nuts. Limbo, hula dance lessons, and a hula hoop contest are great activities.

Bar Mitzvah Party Ideas

Apart from the theme, invitations are one of the important parts for the party as well. Artistic invitations are a visually stunning way to invite family members and friends to this joyous occasion. The design of the invitation can include a traditional skyline of Jerusalem with the information located above the scene. Another design could be ribbons intertwined around the border of the invitation, which will frame the bat mitzvah information. A more visually stunning invitation can be made out of small squares cut out of construction paper. Pick colors suitable for the event, such as blue and white, and cut 2-by-2-inch squares from the paper. Cut a 3-by-4-inch sheet of off-white construction paper and place the party information on it before gluing this to the center of the invitation.

Bat Mitzvah Party Ideas

Bar Mitzvah Party

Many families choose to hire caterers. Catering services vary greatly in their cost per head. If your theme allows cheaper food options, you might be able to save money. A wedding caterer that specializes in sit-down dinners will generally cost more than a company who brings a buffet of pulled barbecue meat and potato salad. Depending upon the theme and location of your party, you can pull off a cheaper caterer without looking like a cheapskate. For a carnival-themed party, consider renting a hot dog truck, a cotton candy machine and other fair foods and hiring high school students to work the booths, instead of professional caterers. A local amusement company can also work smaller events, and can be less expensive than a formal caterer.

Bat Mitzvah Favors

Streamers, mini lights and balloons are popular party decorating elements. Take a considerate look at your theme to find out-of-the-ordinary decorating ideas. For an ice princess party, for example, consider hiring an ice sculptor, or re-purposing clearance Christmas snowflake ornaments. For an enchanted forest theme, or a fairy princess theme, pick wildflowers and string them up around the entrance. Depending upon the flowers available, flowered streamers can work well in a luau party, too. Don’t forget the party poster, with a photo of the bat mitzvah girl and plenty of space for guests to sign the matting.

Bat Mitzvah Party Favors

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