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Girls Tea Party Ideas

Girl’s tea party ideas are one of the best birthday party choices nowadays. Various theme ideas can be implemented and on top of that, you can also add in additional creative ideas in making the overall party an enjoyable one. Some great examples include the classical formal tea party, garden tea party, spa tea party as well as the princess tea party.

Girls Tea Party Ideas 1

Tea parties were originally the forte of upper-class, 19th century ladies who shared hot tea and small plates of food, such as tea sandwiches and petit fours, with their friends daily. Since that time, little girls have emulated these types of parties with fake food and doll guests. Due to their popularity, tea parties are common themes for bridal showers and children’s parties. If you are planning one of these types of events, leave the formality out and include creativity and whimsy into your theme.

Little Girls Tea Party Ideas

The Mad Hatter Tea Party from “Alice in Wonderland” is one of the most recognizable tea party themes. Tell your guests to come dressed in costume from the tale, or simply come in bunny ears or crazy hats. Decorate your tea party area with a loud, colourful tablecloth, and place a large armchair at the head of the table. Purchase mismatched cups and saucers at a second-hand store, and place stuffed white rabbits around the room. For tea party activities, allow your guests to watch a version of “Alice in Wonderland,” play chess or play lawn croquet. Serve a wide variety of themed treats, such as cookies shaped in the words “Eat Me,” playing card-shaped tea cakes, mushroom-shaped cookies and iced tea.

Tea Party Ideas For Girls

For older girls who want to be elegant for an afternoon, a classic formal tea party is perfect. Decorate your dining area in pastels and set your table with fine china. Create a dressing area and stock it with costume jewellery, floppy hats, and high heels and of course, gowns. Give the girls plenty of time to get ready and to admire themselves, and don’t forget to take pictures! Refreshments are a variety of small crust-less sandwiches with tiny tea cookies for dessert and of course tea.

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If the weather is nice and you’d like a more casual gathering, consider planning a garden tea party outside. Use paper plates and cups and decorate the table with doilies and tea pots filled with flowers. The party planning experts at Amazing Moms suggest enclosing the area with a sheer, bed canopy hanging from a tree. For food, make classic crust-less sandwiches and flower-shaped sugar cookies for dessert. You may want to offer lemonade in addition to tea if the weather is especially warm.

Tea Party Theme Ideas

Girls Tea Party Ideas 4

For a less traditional tea party, the event planners at Tea Cakes and Teddy Bears suggest a spa theme. First, create a spa atmosphere by decorating in soft, warm colours and soft lighting. Set up several “spa chairs” covered with towels and create a hair/make-up station with little brushes, combs and lotions for the girls to use. The girls can take turns sitting in the spa chairs while an adult gives them a hand massage with lotion. Create a menu of tea and cucumber sandwiches served with fruit and cookies.

Girls Tea Party Ideas

Princess tea parties are perfect for a little girl’s party. Invite the guests to come dressed as princesses, complete with tiaras and tutus. Ask the guests to bring their favourite doll or teddy bear with them. Decorate the tea area with pink and white tulle, pink tablecloths and lollipop bouquets. Serve sweet sun tea, tiny peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and cupcakes.

Girls Tea Party

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