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Super Mario Bros Party Ideas

Mario has been the subject of kids’ fascination ever since the first “Mario Bros” game hit arcades in the 1980s. Make your child’s birthday celebration a blast with a Super Mario Bros themed party. Consider party games, costumes, decorations and of course, a Mario-themed birthday cake.

Mario Bros Party

The Mario Racing theme can be used perhaps. The Mario Kart series of video games features race tracks where characters such as Yoshi the dinosaur, Mario, Luigi and Mario’s nemesis, Wario, compete in go-karts. Hold a race-themed Mario Brothers party. For entertainment, hold a Mario kart-racing tournament for guests to show off their video game skills. Set up a podium and hold an awards ceremony similar to one found in the game for the winners. Intersperse flags and tires in with regular Mario-themed decorations. You can also incorporate that decorating technique into the cake.

Super Mario Bros Party Ideas

Besides that, you can have a Mario Brothers pool party with a water world theme. The water world is a level in several Mario Brothers games where players must manoeuvre through an underwater environment. Decorate your patio and pool area with the fish found in the games. Place inflatable Mario Brother’s toys and objects in the pool with which guests can play. Play a Mario Brothers version of the water game “chicken.” One guest takes a turn jumping into the pool with his best Mario move. All other guests must follow. If a guest doesn’t do it correctly, he gets a letter from the name “Mario.” The first person to get all the letters loses.

Super Mario Brothers Party Ideas

Super Mario Bros Party Supplies

Many party games are available that mimic various parts of the classic Mario Brothers games. Avoid The Ghost is a game in which an adult acts like the ghost character Boo while the kids act like Mario and Luigi from the game. The object of the game is for the kids to freeze when they see the ghost turn toward them—if they’re caught moving they are out. Hot Bomb-omb is a variation on the game hot potato. Choose one child as the “Mario” for that round. Use a little black ball to act as the bomb which could go off at any second. Pass it around as fast as possible, not holding onto it for more than a second. When the “Mario” yells “Bomb-omb!” the player who has the bomb is out. Also any egg games like a traditional egg toss can be used—as long as the eggs are painted to look like Yoshi’s eggs.

Super Mario Bros Party Decorations

One of the major activities to have available at the party is to get several game systems together like Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 and rent all versions of the Mario Brothers games. Many younger kids may never have played the original Super Mario Brothers game from the early 1980s, and this may keep them captivated. Another activity is to purchase or create a Super Mario Brothers piñata. The piñata can be filled with gold coins to resemble the bad guys in the game. For the more creative members of your party, set up Super Mario Brothers drawing supplies such as markers and crayons.

Super Mario Bros Party Favors

A Super Mario birthday cake can be as simple or as elaborate as you need it to be. You could make a basic, circular birthday cake and use icing to draw Mario. If you’re not much for cake decorating, have it done at your local grocery store or bakery. More elaborate cake-makers could attempt to make a cake shaped like a green one-up mushroom, a level from a Mario game or one of the characters.

Super Mario Party Ideas

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