Zebra Birthday Party

zebra birthday cakes

Throwing a hot pink zebra party has become very popular as of late. And why not – they are wild, chic and tons of fun! Here are a few party planning tips to help you plan a party to remember:

1. Start with themed invitations. Whether you make them yourself or you purchase them from a party store or paper vendor, you won’t believe your choices. Simply type “zebra invitations” in your search bar and you’ll have hundreds of choices at your fingertips. If you want to narrow down your choices to only ‘hot pink’ choices then be specific and put the color in front of the search term above.

zebra birthday party supplies

2. Decorate for the occasion. No need to buy special ‘zebra’ decorations; instead work with hot pink, black and white accents. Wrapping flower pots or vases in hot pink or black tissue paper (or a combination of both) looks wonderful. So do pink and black crepe paper streamers that are coiled together. Hot pink, black or zebra print napkins and plates will also look great at your party. Black plastic cutlery is available at most party stores.

Zebra Birthday Party

3. Refreshments: Dessert is the easiest way to incorporate the theme into your party with either a zebra print decorated cake or cupcakes. Need inspiration? Go to Google.com and then click on “Images” in the upper left hand section of the screen. Type in “Zebra Cake Designs” for terrific ideas. Also, ‘black and white’ and ‘pink and white’ zebra cupcake liners are available for purchase although you will probably need to order them from an online source.

zebra party ideas

4. Give hot pink zebra party favors. There are lots out there: themed favor boxes, zebra cookie pops, faux pink zebra cupcakes, personalized label mint tins, etc. Simply search on ‘zebra favors’ (and put the color in front if you would like a narrower search). AND, if you happen to come across a favor that has a personalized tag on it and you love the favor but it isn’t animal-related at all – call the favor store and see if they can do a custom tag for you!

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