Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

minnie mouse birthday cake

Beverages can include fruit juices, sodas, or lemonades. The birthday cake can either be baked or ordered in the shape of Minnie. Minnie loves cheese, so some of the food items that can be included at the Minnie Mouse party favors theme are cheese sandwiches cut in the shape of Minnie, cheese crackers, hot dogs, nuggets, burgers, cubed cheese and many more.
minnie mouse birthday decorations

The food items can even include items that will make great kids birthday party favors for the little kids. Instead of listening to their tantrums you can indulge them into introductory activities like coloring competitions, watching episodes of Minnie the Mouse or you can even give away Minnie’s headbands and color their noses with black sketch pen. Many of the guests may not be able to arrive on time and this may make the kids restless and impatient. You can even add giant posters of Minnie and her friends so that the kids can click photos with their favorite cartoon characters. The walkway leading to the entrance of the party hall can have foot prints of them and you can make use of banners that say ‘Welcome Mouseketeers to Minnie Mouse clubhouse’.
minnie mouse birthday party

minnie mouse costume

To give the Minnie Mouse birthday party theme a more attractive look, you can make use of red, white, pink colors for the balloons and the streamers.

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