10 Steps to Success For Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday party ideas for kids; the choices are endless, but pulling it off without breaking a sweat, well that’s an art. The secret to success is a combination of enthusiasm and thoughtful planning. Follow these 10 steps and you will get it right from the start. Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays!  There is just something  so sweet and innocent about it….what could be bad about a day that is all about telling people you love them?!  If you are hosting a Valentine’s Day party for your kids this year, here are a few activities that will keep the kids occupied and having a blast!

10 Steps to a Successful Party

Step 1
The first and most essential step when organising a birthday party is as simple as making a list. Lay out your ideas, what you would be prepared to do, ideas for a theme, available dates, location, entertainment, refreshments etc.

Step 2
Now you have a plan, consult your party child. Your well thought out list gives them the wonderful opportunity to choose what they would like based on the options you have already thought through, and also ensures you don’t end up with pony rides in your third floor apartment after telling them it’s their special day and they should ell you what they want, oops, never do that!

Step 3
Now you have your plan, and if you have decided on professional entertainment you will need to book at least 4 weeks in advance. Don’t forget though, Uncle Jimmy could make a wonderful clown.

Step 4
Get a ‘Party Tub’, those large plastic ones with lids are perfect. This is where you can store all your essential party supplies. Keeping your leftover supplies there will mean you always have something for the next party, and you child will love the fun of adding something to it each week.

Step 5
Decide on the number of kiddies you can handle, then ask you child who they would like to invite.

Step 6
Don’t forget the BFF, what child doesn’t want their best friend by their side on such an auspicious occasion. Be prepared to change the date to ensure they can attend.

Step 7
It’s another list, think before baking. Now you know how many mouths to feed you start planning refreshments, what is non perishable can go in the tub.

Step 8
Get out those invitations at least 2 weeks before the day. Remember the RSVP with a reply date, phone number and name of the person to speak to.

Step 9
One of the most overlooked birthday party ideas for kids is that it’s okay to delegate. Being the Mum doesn’t mean you have to do everything, but you do have to make sure everything is taken care of. So exercise this idea by asking a parent or two to stay and help, designate tasks, such as serving food, or managing the games, then you can focus on everything running smoothly.

Step 10
Plan a schedule of events before the guests arrive, but don’t worry if it all goes hay wire, birthday parties are meant to be a little crazy, so go with it, have fun and just enjoy them while they’re young.

Ask all of the guests to bring a valentine for each child.  As the host, provide a little mailbox for each guest to collect their valentines.  You can find these little, metal mailboxes at craft stores such as Michael’s, Joann’s or Hobby Lobby.  Don’t worry about the color….a quick coat of spray paint will fix that!  (add sweet touch by personalizing each one with the child’s name)

Have the kids create cards with a flower theme….use pieces of green felt for the stems and leaves, and cupcake paper liners for the flower heads.  Add a picture of the child into the center of it to make it the perfect valentine card to bring home to Mom and Dad!

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