7 Steps To Success for Fun Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Here I will talk about ideas for kids birthday party. Discover 7 easy steps to making your child’s birthday party the best ever. Your child’s birthday is a very important day for your child. You want their day to be fun and you want them to feel very special.

Pink Party
Make your child’s next birthday party extra-special by choosing a unique theme for the celebration. This year, surround your birthday girl in her all-time favorite color (of the moment).

By simply taking a few moments to think about what kind of party your child would really like, and then having some creative fun just thinking about ways to put your child’s party together, you’ll be surprised at just how quickly things will start falling into place. You may be surprised to learn that all it takes for you to put together a really memorable birthday party for your child is a little fun creativity mixed with a measure of organization.

Rocket Favor Packaging
These red, white, and blue decorations will add a festive touch to any Memorial Day or Fourth of July celebration. Send your party guests to the moon with these lively rocket favor packages for an Independence Day bash.

Kid Birthday Party Ideas
Theme parties are very popular and once you’ve decided on a theme, you’ll find that everything else will begin falling into place. Deciding on a theme is easy. Themes can be based on a favorite movie, TV show, cartoon, book, character, sport, activity, or hobby.

What does your child like? Does she want to be a princess? Is your son interested in pirates? Do they like animals, cars or would your daughter like a tea party? If your child is old enough, ask them what kind of theme they’d like. Keep two things in mind when deciding on a theme. Your budget and the location of your party.

Kid Birthday Party Ideas – Invitations
Why do we send invitations? Because you want your child’s friends to come to your party. You and your child decide who to invite; you send out the invitations and hope most of the kids show up. Maybe they will — and maybe they won’t. Do you want to send out an invitation that will have everyone so excited they can hardly wait for your child’s party? Then let’s get creative!

Get into the spirit of your theme. If you’re having a princess party, get some parchment paper or paper that looks like parchment and write something like this:

Her Royal Highness Princess (your child’s first and last name) is celebrating her (how many years old she’ll be)th. birthday and she is inviting you to attend her grand birthday party festivities. This event promises to be filled with royal fun and with lots of surprises.

Remember to include the day and date of your party, the party location and the time your party will begin and end. And if your party is going to be a theme costume party, be sure to include that information too. Also ask your invited guests to RSVP by a certain date so you’ll know how many to expect.

You can also include something in your invitation. For a princess party you can include a tiara craft and ask your guests to wear their tiara to the party. For a Barbie party you can enclose a paper Barbie with paper clothes and have your guest put together her doll and wardrobe and bring them to your child’s birthday party.

Now, you can either mail your invitations, or Have someone dress up in costume and hand deliver your invitations, speaking in the character of a royal subject. Wow, you’ve just turned an ordinary invitation into a really memorable event that will have everyone talking. And you can easily do the same thing for a pirate party, a Disney princess party or any other theme you can think of.

Kid Birthday Party Ideas – Decorations
You can easily find decorations to match your theme by going to an online party store. By shopping online you don’t have to drive all over town hoping to find what you need. Instead, you’ll discover a huge online inventory including:

  • Balloons
  • Streamers
  • Posters
  • Wall Murals
  • Door Covers
  • Personalized Banners

and so much more. And when you shop online, your selections will be sent right to your door. Talk about saving time. At the end of this article you’ll find a link that will take you to my fun kid birthday parties website where you’ll discover all kinds of party information and tips.

And don’t forget to decorate the door leading into your party location. You can also make your party easy to find by decorating your mail box or door with theme balloons and streamers.

Kid Birthday Party Ideas – Party Supply
At an online party store you’ll also discover paper goods to match just about any party theme.

  • Plates
  • Bowls
  • Cups
  • Napkins
  • Forks and Spoons
  • Table Covers
  • Themed Centerpieces

all based on your child’s birthday party theme. Again, you can easily find everything you need online and have all your party supply conveniently sent right to your door.

Party Activities
Start your party the moment your first guest arrives by setting up a craft area. You can use theme related coloring pages, puzzles, or you can pick up a theme related craft. This is a great ice breaker and a good way to keep everyone busy.

And remember to fill a jar with something theme related and have everyone guess how many “Royal Red Jelly Beans” are in the jar or how many “Gold Pirate Coins” (chocolate coins) are in the jar.

Party Games
You can customize most games to fit your theme. For a pirate party, Simon Sez becomes “Captain Jack Sez,” while at a princess party it becomes “Her Majesty Sez.” And Pin the Tail on the Donkey becomes “Pin the Patch on the Pirate” or “Pin the Tiara on the Princess.”

Kid Birthday Party Ideas – Cake
You will be very happy to learn that you can easily find the most wonderful edible cake art and cake toppers to match your party theme. Just pick up a cake at your favorite bakery and decorate it with easy-to-use cake toppers. These cake toppers will turn an ordinary cake into a 3-D masterpiece that will look like it was decorated by a professional just for you.

You can easily find these cake decorations online and you’ll be happy to learn that after your party, many non-edible cake toppers can be used as toys or collectibles. Now you’ve decided on a theme, put together your very creative invitations, ordered theme related decorations and party supplies online, put together some fun activities and games and ordered your edible cake art and cake toppers.

You’re all set to party!

7 Steps To Success – A Final Word
Your child’s birthday party only happens once a year. Their party should be special and memorable. And with these kid birthday party ideas and 7 steps to success, you’ll have fun being creative and putting together a party your child will remember fondly for years to come. And your child will love you for it.

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