Tea Party Cake

tea party cake


Surround teapot with a stylish tea cozy for extra insulation. China Teapots are best at keeping tea warm. Pour the boiling water carefully into your teapot and wait 5 minutes, then remove teabags.

Add your teabags or tea-filled infuser to the teapot using 2-3 tea bags for 4 guests. This will keep your tea warmer for a bit longer. Warm up your china teapot by running hot water thru it from the faucet.  Fill a tea kettle with purified water and set on stove to boil.

Tea Party Birthday Cake

With birthday party ideas involving an American Girl mystery tea party theme, you can be certain that any little girl will think she has had the best party ever! The birthday girl and her guests will be thrilled with the party favors and also enjoy having tea with their dolls before the traditional blowing out of the candles.  These tea party accessories can be purchased at department or discount stores for one or two dollars apiece.

Tea Pot Cake

Tea was not something to be enjoyed, but was used more as a medication. The sediment would settle at the bottom and the tea quaffed from the bowl. A piece of the cake was cut off, put in the bottom of a bowl and water poured over top.

They formed dried and powdered tea leaves and mixed with salt to make a cake. The Chinese and Japanese did not use tea leaves at first.  Interestingly enough teapots are a relatively new invention.

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