18th Debut Party Themes

18th Debut Party Themes


A debut’s invitation will greatly depend on the theme or motif of the party. One important aspect to be considered in planning a debut is the invitation. Girls would usually throw a big birthday party for their 18th birthday, complete with a mini-entourage (18 roses, 18 candles, etc.).

Girls are usually the ones who treat their 18th birthday as a big deal because it is considered to be the time when they will officially transform from a baby to a lady.

debut's invitation

Sending invitations through snail mail may be a bit time consuming, but t  For sure, the invitations for a debut is very beautiful and full of art. Aside from leaving a better impression to the recipients in comparison with electronic mails, snail mail is also a great way for the debutante to show off her beautiful and unique birthday party invitation.  The most preferred way to send 18th birthday invitations is through the traditional and classic snail mail.

18th Birthday Cake Party Ideas

With these ideas, you will have a first birthday party everyone will remember. Make sure you snap that precious photo of the first birthday cake. All your guests can contribute to a time capsule. Give yourself permission to celebrate it with your friends and family.

However, it is possible to have a fabulous party for the people who really deserve it: Mom and Dad. It is such a momentous occasion that many parents forget the ugly truth: your baby will not remember it!  Ideas for a first birthday party are hard to come up with for parents.

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