Birthday Party Balloons Arrangements

Birthday Party Balloons Arrangements


Similarly, you can include a birthday balloon with a chocolate lover’s gift basket, stuffed animal or flower cake. In small or large sizes, they’re a festive addition to a flower bouquet without taking up as much space.  If a balloon bouquet isn’t the type of statement you’re looking for, you can also get one or two mylar birthday balloons as part of a flower arrangement.

Balloon Bouquet Or Arrangement

Bouquets are usually secured with ribbon at the bottom and start at around $20 dollars. It looks professionally planned, especially when the colors match the rest of your party decor. Having this mixture is not just festive.

Typically the mylar balloon has “happy birthday” messaging, while the remaining latex balloons are in solid, complimentary colors. They are a combination of mylar (the foil-like balloons) and latex.  Birthdays balloons are often presented in a “bouquet” of up to 15 balloons and will elicit a “Wow” from guests.

Balloon Arrangement

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