Elegant Purple Wedding Theme

Elegant Purple Wedding Theme


Arrange loosely in a tall footed urn for a breathtaking centerpiece. A more lush spring centerpiece design idea is to take an abundance of lavender colored sweet peas and combine them with lilac roses, white peonies and some trailing greens. They would also make a great parting gift for guests to take home at the end of the reception. For a more casual effect, purple hyacinth planted in a wooden box whitewashed in white or pale green would be lovely.

A beautiful idea for a purple centerpiece for an afternoon wedding in the spring would be to plant a collection of hyacinth flowers in a white ceramic pot.

Purple Wedding Invites

This colour combination is for couples who like a bit of drama and who aren’t afraid to be different. The purple adds an element of luxury, think royal purple, whilst the lime green adds a touch of zest.  Purple and lime green create a powerful colour contrast.

Lavender wedding theme

For someone as unique and special as you, why not consider lavender? In a very real sense, it will set and enhance whatever mood you are seeking to create. As you go through the ceremony and reception in your mind, do not overlook the power that the color of your wedding theme will have. One of the most wonderful things about modern day wedding ceremonies and the receptions that follow is that the bride and groom can customize virtually every aspect of the day to reflect their personality as a couple.

If you want your wedding to be one of a kind, absolutely distinctive and unique, take heart.

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