Long Party Dresses 2011

Long Party Dresses 2011


There are lots of options on the high street right now so why not shop for something that reflects your personal style in terms of colour, or go for a Christmas twist by choosing a sequinned or embellished design.  Asymmetric dresses are still a great style for winter 2010/2011 and they can look classy and feminine with a longer hemline, or younger and more contemporary when worn shorter.

purple long dresses 2011

A very versatile outfit indeed, double wearable due to the fact that they are great to relax in but can be used for the day and evening. She first wore the outfit on the Heroes set while relaxing and then in the evening to step out. And Hayden Panatierre has been seen wearing the maxi dress not once but twice which is a rarity for celebs. Christina Aguilera actually has the exact same dress in purple/plum, and it looks amazing on her.

There are many instances when celebrities such as Hayden Panatierre or Jessica Alba have been seen in gypsy 05 maxi dresses.  The celebrities have also taken a liking to the line and this helps.

Red Long Dress 2011

So, if the dress has pleats around the waistline, then the pleats will neatly rest along your waistline despite you wearing it time and again. Combination fabrics are perfect for plus-sized dresses because they always remain true to the design of the dress.  Most designers prefer cotton or combination-fabrics and lustrous fabrics, such as silk.

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