High School Graduation Party Themes

High School Graduation Party Themes


Guests give clues and help the person guess that teacher. *Water balloon toss *Piñata *Place a sticker on each guest’s back with the name of a teacher. *Make a large poster board collage of the graduate’s pictures from baby to now.

Guests place personal notes to the graduate as memorable keepsakes. *Do a time capsule with memorable items from their school year- to be opened at a future reunion. Here are a few to choose from: *Guests bring a white t-shirt and sign each other’s shirts.  Kids love to get together and just talk- so remember not to overdo the planned activities.

high school graduation party

Remember to keep trash cans handy so guests can easily find where to place their empties after eating. Serve in plastic serving bowls with plastic spoons. Homemade ice cream can be iced down and kept chilled.

Friends and neighbors are usually more than happy to help by bringing an ice cream freezer with their own special recipe ingredients and while the party commences, they can get their freezers whirring up some wonderful homemade ice cream flavors.  Desserts can include a few freezers of homemade ice cream.

high school graduation parties

The invitations can be rolled up in diploma style and tied with a ribbon. Invitations Produce hand made invitations utilising graduation themes; books, diplomas, pens, gowns and mortarboards. Distribute novelty 2006 sunglasses for everyone to wear, with a decorative crown for the special graduate. Below are listed a few ideas to get the party off to a good start.

It’s never too soon to begin making arrangements for the graduate’s most memorable day.

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