Graduation Party Favors

Graduation Party Favors


If you’re having the party at home and have access to a photo printer, you could even insert a group photo of your guests. Include a photo of yourself and on the last page slip in a printed 4×6 inch sheet with all your contact information. They hold one 4×6 inch photo per page.
Mini photo album – You can find these at a craft store or dollar store.

graduation candle favors

Of course for a standard type of party which I would give the bags would have some similar items but just without the designer tags. The whole package needs to exude luxury. The bag can be filled with designer perfume, expensive chocolates, designer caps and t-shirts and luxury engraved pens. If you have a luxury graduation party, no expense spared decorations, expensive food and drinks, expensive entertainers and a beautiful venue there is a certain standard you might like to adhere to for the gifts.

The best graduation gift bags are in keeping with the party.

Graduation Candy Jars favors

Graduation favors like bubbles shaped like mini bottles of champagne are always a nice way for guests to have some fun and participate in the graduation party. A little “bubbly” has always been associated with celebrations so why not include it in your graduation party décor if it’s appropriate? If you are hosting a party for an adult student, for example an adult that went back to get their degree later in life, you may want to include champagne as part of your party beverages and décor.
Let’s celebrate with some bubbly.