Graduation Party Themes

Graduation Party Themes


If not, you can have a grease graduation party at home, in your garage – set up a juke box playing 1950’s classics and grease soundtrack, pinball machines for guests to play and a stage with 50’s inspired lighting as dance floor. There are a lot of bars today having a 1950’s theme – if your budget allows, a graduation party here will truly be very exciting.  This type of graduation party theme would need a 1950’s kind of setting.

Graduation party ideas

You might want to do a sign-in board where people can leave their good wishes with a caricature of the enlistee and a life-size cut-out of your child welcoming all at the door, dressed in uniform. The centerpieces could be hobby kits of USAF planes with balloons tied off and these can be donated in the name of any child to a local orphanage when the party is over. For seating cards, I would use the balsa airplanes you could put together as kids with a tag with name and table number.  Well, if you do around the world, each table could be a different destination.

Graduation Parties

Thus, it is advisable to have numerous sources from which to acquire them. Irrespective of the type of audience, graduation parties require certain supplies. Certain graduate parties are family affairs and thus, should be treated with more seriousness.

However, for those who never miss a chance to show off their organizing skills, graduate parties can be a perfect opportunity to suggest themes and present the party in a different light. The basic requirements of such parties are food and loud music with moderate amounts of booze.  A graduation party is generally a youthful binge, celebrated to rejoice the success of all the candidates.

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