Christmas Party Idea

Christmas Party IdeaOnce the envelopes are made, fill them with chocolates and other sweet treats Each child is given some felt squares and other suitable items for decorating these and they can turn these into envelopes. Christmas Treat Envelopes: A great idea for scout good turns is to create Christmas treat envelopes to give to the under- privileged (or other kids can just make these for their parents or friends). These can be snowflakes decorated with glitter, reindeer made from hand prints or anything else you (or they) choose.

Christmas Games for Parties A Crafty Idea – Make Christmas Ornaments: A great way to encourage creativity in children and fill them with a sense of pride and accomplishment is to get them to create Christmas ornaments to give to their parents. The first team where each person has unwrapped and re-wrapped the gift is the winner.

Plan a Memorable Christmas PartyEach team is then lined up and given a wrapped box of macaroni which they then need to run with to their gift wrapping station, unwrap, re-wrap and then run back and give to the next person in their team who does the same. Gift Wrap Relay: A number of gift wrapping stations are set up, one for each team. These get passed around the groups so each child gets a chance to guess at least one item in the stocking (without peeking!) The team that has guessed the most right wins.

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