Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas

Sweet Sixteen Party IdeasAs an alternative, if you can hire a band that would be If you are able to hire a professional DJ to keep the music flowing, along with maintaining a lively atmosphere, this would be the perfect addition. If that is a little over the top for your budget, then be sure to hold the party at a house that will accommodate all of your guests comfortably, along with insuring the noise level won’t be an issue as the night wears on. Here are a few party themes that are perfect for a Sweet 16 Birthday party, guy style, to get your creative juices flowing: Sweet 16 Rock N’ Roll Party – If possible, rent a room with a dance floor to host the party.
Planning a Sweet SixteenEverything must shout G-U-Y! Forget about all of the cutesy, girlie decor. First of all, when you think about planning a “Sweet 16” party for your special guy, you want to think of manly-man decorations. In fact, guys probably look forward to being 16 moreso than girls as they are now allowed to obtain the all-coveted drivers license, which spells F-R-E-E-D-O-M! There is something about turning 16 that moves them from being a “kid” to now being a young man.

Sweet 16 Birthday Party

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