50th Birthday Party Ideas

50th Birthday Party Decorations

Time has simply flown by but then again, if you Can you believe it? Half a century! So you’ve hit the Big 5-0 and it’s time to celebrate that huge milestone that is half a century. It gets boring to loose all the time!
50th birthday party favors
Throw in a few terms or questions from recent news events, movies and television so that everyone has a few wins. Use of a term like “”gusset”” will be very familiar to the seamstress but of little if any familiarity to the attorney. A plant that is very familiar to a botanist albeit somewhat obscure to the others in the crowd would do the trick. Hangman can be played using the medical term “”cyanotic”” that the nurse would guess right off the bat.

50th birthday party ideas
Another possible way to accomplish the same end would be to create a word 50th birthday party game that utilizes areas of the guest of honor’s special knowledge. It will have a tendency to stack the deck but what better gift is there than ensuring a 50th birthday win? For instance, if that person’s favorite musical tastes tended toward the British Invasion of the 1960’s ask lots of questions that will dust competition from the younger guests. Give a lot of energy to researching long before the 50th birthday party so that the guest of honor is pleased to shine in his or her particular area of expertise.

50th birthday party invitations
Create just the right set of questions that will focus on historic events and popular culture that are of particular interest to the invited guests.

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