Silver and Purple Wedding Ehemes

Silver and Purple Wedding Ehemes


Moreover, purple is also associated with spirituality, dignity, value, and delicateness. Fortunately, these days purple come in different interesting shades and hues in dainty things that make for that luxurious purple wedding. This is because it took some costly dyes to put together the perfect shade of purple. Purple used to be a privilege that only kings and queens can afford.

Deciding on a purple wedding is a royal and romantic choice.

Wedding Theme Silver

The results will be stunning. Or simply enhance the metallic hues by pairing them with white, cream, or pale champagne. Black, gold, and silver look spectacular for a New Year’s Eve wedding.

Or add burgundy for a rich autumn color palette. Silver, gold, and pink are delicate and romantic for a formal spring wedding. If you wish, add an accent color in a seasonal hue to tailor it to the time of the year in which you will be married.  Silver and gold is a wedding theme which can be used at any time of the year.

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