Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme

Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme


When people first think about a Tiffany blue wedding they think of the famous jewellery store that gives a feeling of elegance and extravagance. The Tiffany blue name for a wedding theme is used along with robin egg blue or a light pale blue colour theme. For example, Toni Braxton was one of the first people to really use the Tiffany blue idea in her wedding.

The Tiffany blue wedding theme has been growing in popularity since about 2000 and has been used by many celebrities during their weddings.

Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme Ideas

Making a Tiffany wedding theme actually connotes a sophisticatedly created wedding ceremony which makes use of bright pastel blazes with a touch of crystals and shining stones. A Tiffany inspired wedding would make your big day as elegant and beautiful as ever.  A Tiffany wedding theme might still be strange to some people but in fact, it is a great theme which can be used in a wedding ceremony.

Tiffany Blue Wedding Inspiration

For instance, a black and white palette could be softened with the occasional hint of blush pink for a vintage romantic feeling, or accents in apple green for a fresh modern style. It is perfectly fine to choose a high contrast duo as your main design focus, just add in a third accent shade which falls somewhere in the middle. Very high contrast combinations like black and white can be hard to live with, and may not look the best in the wedding pictures.

Another excellent tip when selecting your wedding colors is to avoid palettes which are visually jarring.

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