Purple Peacock Wedding Theme

Purple Peacock Wedding Theme


Different shades are combined together to give it a marvelous look. These themes play an important role to make the party look truly gorgeous. Peacock Wedding theme is one of the most popular wedding themes.

There are numerous themes that are in trend. To accomplish this task many couples go for theme wedding. Such an original look will make their wedding memorable for their guests and family members.  It is the desire of many couples to give an elegant look to their wedding ceremony.

Purple Peacock Wedding Invitation

all these could be in use in the design of your wedding stationery. Airplane tickets, geographical maps, tropical foliage, mountains, pyramids, symbols of cities such as Eiffel tower, statue of Liberty etc. After you had your pick of exotic locales around the world stress the essence of this idea with unusual invitations.
Destination wedding implies an accent on the place of wedding.

purple wedding colors

There are all kinds of flowers available to suit any preference, and they can be used in almost any bouquet. Purple is a wonderful color for your wedding, whether you prefer pale lavenders, brilliant violets, eggplant, plum, or dusky grays with just a hint of purple.  If you’ve never considered purple wedding flowers for your wedding, now is the time!

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