Peacock Wedding Theme Brides

Peacock Wedding Theme Brides


It is also a good palette for your palace theme wedding. This color palette is best used for your beach or destination wedding, as it blends well with the ocean surrounding your wedding.  Blue on blue – it is a monochromatic color palette using different shades of blue ranging from sky blue, navy blue, azure blue, turquoise to ultramarine blue that can create a cool and serene ambiance.

Peacock Wedding An Exotic

Brilliant green, peacock blue, sparkling gold and black are all choices that come directly from the peacock’s showy feathers. The main and accent colors will shine against the backdrop of this neutral. Look at a peacock feather for inspiration and consider using copper as your neutral, or a soft brown. Peacock feathers have a beautiful mix of colors.

The first will be a color used in large quantities, so a neutral or soft color works for things like stationary, linen and the bride’s dress.  When choosing a wedding color scheme choosing three colors will give you the variety to create sufficient interest and depth in your design.

peacock feather wedding theme

Adding to flower arrangements outside the wedding venue sees an impressive welcome for guests! See how the blues in the eye of the feather and jewellery compliment one another? This beautiful aqua blue jewellery attached to a bridesmaid bouquet is completed with feathers. The eye is turned away preventing the feather overshadowing the simple effect of the white roses.

A feather on the groom’s lapel. Fastened with a hair-clip they add a simple and elegant feature to the hair. Here, peacock feathers decorate the bride’s hair. Less is more as they say! You can see here the simple background heightens the effect.

A simple peacock feather attached to a wedding invitation adds an eye catching detail.

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