Birthday Party Themes

1st birthday party themes

Are you looking for ideas for your child’s second birthday party? For an easy to create event that delights your toddler’s senses, try building it around a theme. Here are nine fun themes to help you plan your little one’s celebration.

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1. Bubbles – Decorate with clear helium balloons, placemats made of bubble wrap, and start up the bubble machine. You can buy an inexpensive battery operated one or splurge and rent the commercial kind. Every child responds to blowing, breaking, chasing and watching bubbles.

birthday party ideas

Small wading pools with rubber duckies are optional.

2. Sports – Of course, your two year old is not actually rooting for his favorite team. But if he likes being around Dad when he watches the game, then this birthday theme might be the one to capture his enthusiasm. In fact, Dad might be interested in helping with ideas and even offer his sports equipment, baseball cards and team jerseys for decorating.

birthday party themes

3. Princess – or Prince – Yes, your little one is definitely destined for royalty and easily rules your heart. Celebrate that fact with this theme. You can keep it simple with paper crowns or go all out with fake jewel tiaras, dressing up like monarchy and building a play castle out of boxes for the event.

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4. Construction – If your 2 year old likes to dig or gets excited when he sees a dump truck, bulldozer or back hoe, then this party will make him happy. Arrange to have a pile of dirt or sand deposited in your yard or driveway. But be sure to warn the parents to dress their kids in old clothes. Add orange cones from the home improvement store, toy construction trucks, shovels and pails and you’re in business.

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