Sweet Sixteen Party Themes

Sweet Sixteen Party Themes


Because it is winter and cold in many places, there are a couple of themes that are easy to put together and make your guests feel as though it’s summertime for the night. Is your daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday party this year? Now that the holidays are packed up and the new year has begun it’s time to plan parties and events for this new year.

I hope that the first week of the new year has gone well for you all.

Sweet Sixteen Themes

You can have a disco dance contest and also remember to have some hair spray ready, so everyone can fluff up their hair for that classic 80s look. Finally, disco music adds the finishing touch. Then buy some fake plastic big gold chains with flashy medallions on them to hand out.  With a disco theme, you can rent a disco sparkle ball from your local party rental store and hang it from the ceiling.

Ideas for a Sweet 16 party

Another idea is to keep the guest list to sixteen friends. When thinking about a more “sweet” party, consider sixteen delicate and tiny birthday cakes surrounding one floral arrangement.  Ideas for an informal 16th party can take advantage of the classic teen foods like pizza, ice cream sundaes, sub sandwiches, nachos, and lots of soda.

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