Black and White Party Themes

Black and White Party Themes


Fill cut glass containers such as large candy dishes and serving bowls with water that has been tinted the color of glacier water (blue and green food coloring will do, but make it very pale) and float white candles in them. Decorate your space with wreaths of white flowers and bits of gold and silver sparkle. A way of doing up your home for a formal dinner party is having a fire and ice party.

Anniversary parties, dinner parties, engagement parties, and ballroom dance parties to end a semester of learning the art, are all reasons to go all out in the romantic splendor of formality.  Black and white party ideas go hand in hand with more formal affairs.

Black & White Theme Party Ideas

all fall within your color parameters. Things like a referee, jester, bride, nun, prisoner, bat, ghost, etc. If you opt for a less formal affair, then open up the costume door and invite your guests to wear creations comprised of the party colors. The ladies could adorn themselves with cocktail dresses or formal gowns.

All the guys could wear zoot suits and hats. For added “fun”, this party could easily incorporate a bit of the mafia. Tell your guests to break out their tux and start puttin’ on the Ritz!  Generally, this type of party will give you a great excuse to host a formal affair.

Black and White Party

However, don’t think for a minute that it doesn’t adapt well to a birthday celebration or for a “just because” kind of a party, as it most certainly does! As such, this is a perfect party choice to consider. People tend to think about hosting parties, getting dressed up with glitz and glam, and ringing in the New Year.

A Black and White party comes to mind as we move towards the end of the year. This includes invitations, decorations, costumes, and even your cakes and various food items.  A Black and White Party theme requires that everything be black, white, or both, with perhaps a touch of silver.

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