Birthday Tea Party Ideas

Birthday Tea Party Ideas


This will allow you to prepare the right amount of food and set the table with a name card for each girl. Make sure to ask for a firm confirmation by 3 days before the party. Plan to host the event and have up to 2 helpers and no more. This is NOT an adult party and you want to avoid additional guests.

On your invitation be sure to ask the young ladies to come dressed in their “princess best.” Plan just 1 1/2 hours for the party and be sure to state when the girls can be dropped off and picked up.

Tea Party Recipes

Be sure to give your guests enough advanced notice so they won’t miss out on the fun  You can include an individual tea bag along with the invitation. Use a pretty scrapbook paper or paper doilies and add scrapbook embellishments. Make them in the shape of butterflies, flowers or teapots. There are a various styles of large sized cookie cutters that can be used as a template.

You can add scrapbooking embellishments, glitter or sequins to computer printed invitations, or create your own by hand.  Let your creativity flow for invitations.

Tea Party movement ideas

It won’t matter if you want the Federal Reserve abolished if Congress keeps appropriating power for itself, and voters are ignored. It won’t matter if it’s fair tax, no tax or flat tax if our country is bankrupted. That is the strength and the power of the Tea Party movement.

We are choosing to “major on the majors”. That is not the intention of the Tea Party Movement at all. We know that some groups have worked on these issues in a formal way for years, and perhaps feel that the Tea Party movement is eclipsing their efforts. We know that there are many good ideas out there, and excellent people behind them.
The Tea Party Movement is not endorsing one particular solution, candidate or party.

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