Wedding Party Colors

Wedding Party Colors


Everyone should own a little black dress anyway, which means purchasing a black bridesmaid dress could get multiple uses. It could be the classic Tiffany color of Robin’s Egg Blue, possibly a soft peachy hue or even classic black. Choose a flattering shade that complements the wedding theme and most skin tones.

Keep it sweet and simple with one color for all the maids.

Wedding Colors

In choosing the wedding colors, it is important to highlight the good image of the wedding color. Each wedding color has a good and bad image. We tend to use our favorite wedding color combination without knowing the real meaning of wedding colors.  The wedding colors convey emotion, mood, and tone.

bridal Party Colors

For a nice middle ground, choose a soft pastel or a classic white with accents of color. Scaling back on the extreme, you could opt for a white dress, but choose a very short cocktail gown length; both traditional and modern at the same time. A bright, bold color will definitely set you apart when it comes to guest memories. Step outside the bridal box and visit the prom section for some truly non-bridal gowns.

However, there are plenty of ways to get around the white-washed look if that isn’t your style.  Traditional white is always a classic staple of the wedding world.

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