Summer Wedding Themes 2011

Summer Wedding Themes 2011Choose bouquets Beach themes are easy to prepare for and the items used as decorations can be simple, inexpensive and easily found. Beach Theme Reception Having a beach theme is not only fun to plan, but is an exciting and relaxing way to celebrate at the reception. The favors given to your guests can be packets of flower seeds, a pretty garden trowel, or a simple rose for each person.

Summer Wedding IdeasThe use of tulle, candles, potpourri and luminaries for lighting will further provide a romantic atmosphere. Place a trellis at the entrance of both the reception and the wedding site for a garden effect. Decorations could consist of several terra cotta pots in various sizes filled with summer flowers. Choose a primary color for your bouquet and the decorations, and use a cream, off white or white as an accent for an elegant effect.

2011 Trends for Modern BridesThis type of theme is very easy to plan, elegant, and romantic. Garden Themed Reception A gardening theme is a perfect choice if you enjoy the outdoors and flowers. The following are some tips and ideas for planning a fun and romantic reception for your summer wedding. Summer wedding reception themes have endless possibilities, but if you choose a theme around something meaningful to you and your spouse the wedding and the reception will be wonderful. When you begin your planning, the first step is to develop a theme for the wedding and the rest of the ideas will fall into place.

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