Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party


In Boston the duty was circumvented by merchants getting tea which was smuggled by Dutch traders. This raised quite an uproar in the colonies so the act was repealed in 1770, all except the duty on tea, which was retained to prove that Parliament could raise revenue by taxing without the approval of the colonists. In 1767 British Parliament passed the Townshend Acts, a duty (tax) on various products imported by the colonists.  The early settlers in the British colonies were great tea drinkers and Britain was immersed in financial difficulties at the time.

the Boston Tea Party ships

Since its inception the museum has gone on to be the site of a host of events including re-enactments of this historic event. Established in 1973 the city official recognized its legitimacy as the venue for celebrating the Boston Tea Party. The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum was created to commemorate this milestone event that led to the beginning of a revolution.

A large crowd watched these events transpire in complete silence. Climbing aboard, the colonists began to destroy the tea with axes and hatches.  One evening in December 1773 a group of American colonists disguised as Native Americans sailed to Griffin’s Wharf where three British tea ships were docked.

Boston Tea Party facts

There is lots of variety here, as there were the sailors and those that worked on the ship, the colonists, the town crier, and of course, the Sons of Liberty disguised as Mohawk Indians, that came into town under the dark of night and threw all that tea over board! Consider asking everyone to dress in the clothes of the era. Mixing a little history with some fun is a great way to learn something new. Here are some Fourth of July party ideas to help you create a fun and entertaining day for all.

A Boston tea party themed event will make for a very memorable Fourth of July.

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