College Graduation Party Decorations

College Graduation Party Decorations


An eagle, panther, or other mascot can be the right touch for a cake decoration, table centerpiece or wall covering. And don’t forget to use the school mascot in the theme as well. You could also choose those colors for the cake.

For example, if your child’s school colors are red and black then you could purchase all of the balloons and tableware in those colors. You can blend these colors and use them everywhere in your party planning. Most schools have their own colors which are easily identifiable on their web site, their logo or their branded apparel.  Graduation Party Invitation & School Colors The simplest theme you can choose for the party is the school colors of the facility from which your son or daughter is graduating.

Graduation Party decoration ideas

This can then also be a bit of a sad time hidden within the celebration, because there is the inevitable goodbye after the party. Graduation is sometimes the last time that you will see many of the friends that you have been socializing with, because most will disperse when going in new directions as they go for further education, or start a new career. This being the case, graduation party ideas are memorable experiences of completing a stage of life as well as beginning a new one.

Regardless of the educational institution that you go to, you will only graduate once.

Graduation Party Planner

You may want your graduation menu to include:  Also, paper products that can be thrown away after use are easier to clean up. Many may not have a place to sit, and thus food that is easy to handle while standing and maneuvering around is a great idea.  When planning the menu for your graduation party, keep in mind there will likely be a large number of guests, ranging in age from very young children to older grandparents and neighbors.

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