Horse Party Ideas

Plan a spectacular birthday party your little horse fanatic will love with our Pony Party Ideas! Read on for general party planning tips as well as great pony-themed supplies, decorating, food, game, and activity suggestions.


The Horse party ideas and elements to look for from this birthday celebration are the “4″ ribbons everywhere, the “ride” sign, the cute horse shoe cake, the mason jar drinking glasses and the wreath made out of burlap. Next I will show the gift table, it was really simple. Threw four extra burlap sacks and put gifts and sherif’s badges for the guests. I love simple and cute decor like this was.


Finally the games, well most of them. First is the pinata, try making our own for the first time ever. Use poster board reinforced with cardboard for the circle and then put the front and back on which consisted of tissue paper and Eric’s design. Hot glue some tissue paper squares around the edge to give a cute ruffle look. The kids loved hitting it open!



Here are some party snack mix ideas for your cowboy party. Start bailing hay with Mini Hay Bale Snacks. For a healthier snack option, choose Frosted Mini-Wheats by Kellogg’s and tell the kids To eat their mini bales  of hay. For a Pink Cowgirl Party, choose Frosted Mini-Wheats (Strawberry  Delight). These treats have 20% fiber!



Get the party started by serving horsey party snacks in metal “feed” buckets. Try large galvanized buckets for drinks, medium ones for utensils, and small buckets for horse party favors. Party- goers will appreciate a horsey themed lunch in a bucket (a sandwich and apple with a bandanna napkin). Personalize buckets with a Sharpie (they write on metal) or decorate them with horse stickers.

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