Vintage Party Ideas

Vintage party ideas are one of the most unique party ideas that one can organized for either birthday or other occasions. Some popular themes include the roaring 20s, 1960s party, as well as the disco themed party.

Vintage Birthday Party Ideas

For many, the point of a party is not just to socialize but to take a break from the routine of everyday life. There’s no better way to achieve this than by setting that party in a completely different time, which is why vintage-themed parties have become a popular trend. There are several eras that can be fun to recreate, whether the party guests are old enough to have lived them or not.

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Vintage Ideas for Party

It’s hard to choose an era that conjures up partying more than that of the Roaring 20s. This theme will offer dozens of ideas for a vintage-themed party. While guys wear suits with suspenders and stylish caps, the girls become wild flappers for a night, with pearls, sparkling dresses and lots of fun make-up. Just like every famous era, the Roaring 20s comes with a built-in soundtrack, which, in this case, happens to be the famous early days of jazz and blues, with songs like “The Charleston” and “St. Louis Blues.” The 1920s was also an era of prohibition, which led many a speakeasy to serve beverages only in tea cups–another quirky way to recreate the time period.

Vintage Party

Vintage Themed Party Ideas

One of the most romanticized periods in American culture was the 1950s, which is remembered as a time of teenage innocence and bliss. The quintessential 1950s get-together was the sock hop, which also provides the template for a great vintage party. While all the girls need is a poodle skirt and saddle shoes, the guys can grab any white T-shirt, black jeans and a comb for that greaser look. Rock ‘n’ roll, from Elvis to Jerry Lee Lewis, was the music on everyone’s record player at the time and is essential for a sock hop party. A nice touch would be to serve soda pop and milkshakes. Old vinyl records adorn the wall for an added vintage feel.

Vintage Party Favor Ideas

A 1960s party needs vintage party decorations to make it more authentic. Depending on what aspect of the 1960s you choose to highlight, you might put up old peace signs in psychedelic color, posters of French movie stars (like Alain Delon), or even vintage poetry books on each table to capture that beatnik spirit.

Vintage Style Party Ideas

Although the disco era of the late 1970s was short-lived, it provides numerous party ideas. The outfits alone–which include velvet suits, rhinestone miniskirts and platform shoes–are wild enough to attract those who may not even be particularly crazy about disco music. Like rock ‘n’ roll in the 50s, famous one-hit wonder songs abound from the disco era, enough to fill up an entire night of dance. The dance floor is the most important area of a disco-themed party, and it’s essential to include at least one disco ball hanging from the ceiling and preferably a fog machine to really get people going. Find these items at just about any party supply store.

Vintage Party Ideas

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