Disney Party Ideas

Disney party ideas are one of the excellent party ideas for celebrating kids’ birthday. Some great examples of this party ideas include the pirates’ themed party, “Cars” themed party, as well as the jungle themed “Lion King” party.

Disney Party Decoration Ideas

A Disney theme party is a great idea for a children’s birthday party. Disney costumes are widely available, and so are Disney costume patterns for parents who are handy at sewing. Disney-themed cups, plates and decorations can be found in any department store. In fact, the only difficulty with the Disney theme party is the array of ideas from which to choose.

Disney Character Party Ideas

Pirates are a hit for Disney, thanks to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie trilogy and theme park rides. You can purchase Disney party supplies featuring Captain Jack Sparrow and the rest of the adventurers from the movie, or make your own pirate-inspired gear. This Disney-themed party works well for tweens, teens and even adults. Make a fun treasure or scavenger hunt part of the party fun, and have plenty of eye patches and striped pirate scarves available for guests. Send guests home with chocolate gold coins, party beads and novelty items plucked from a treasure chest; use a trunk you already own, or buy a cardboard one at the party store. Use the chest as a centerpiece until the end of the party. You can find Disney pirate items at the theme parks, in party catalogs and big box stores.

Disney Party Ideas

Disney Party

Tie your party theme to the movie “Cars” to make the action crowd happy. Get party balloons and decorations in red, and print the number 95 –Lightning McQueen’s number in the movie–on them. Give each guest unpainted cars from the craft store and allow them to create their own race car designs. Hold a race around the backyard in three laps, with the last lap on one foot to simulate Lightning’s flat tire. Serve a red cake with “95” written in the center, peppermint circle candies to represent Luigi’s white wall tires, and “organic fuel” juice.

Ideas For Disney Party

Moreover, you may also create a jungle-themed “Lion King” party for your little boy. Use face paint to turn your guests into little lions and take pictures to print out for party favors. Hang artificial palm tree leaves to simulate a jungle. Have a walk-the-board game to imitate Simba and his friends walking the log over the river. Divide kids up into two teams, the jackals and the lions, for a game of tug-of-war. Serve a cake that looks like Simba’s face, jelly bean “boulders” and blue raspberry “watering hole water.”

Disney Birthday Party Ideas

Toy Story is another great party theme. You can ask the party guests to dress in Western wear and have a Woody’s Roundup birthday party. Make lassos out of twine or rope and hold rope-the-fence contests. Give out cowboy hats and sheriff badges as party favors. Paint rocks with gold spray paint and hide them in a sandbox so that guests can play a dig for gold with the prospector game. Serve hot dogs and burgers cooked on a barbecue “campfire.” Finish the party with a cowboy-themed birthday cake.

Disney Party Idea

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