Mystery Party Ideas

Mystery party ideas tend to be a unique one for celebrating kids’ birthdays. Various themes can be incorporated and raised the atmosphere of the party. Some examples include the murder mystery, vintage mystery or even the literature-related theme.

The average kid’s party may incorporate clowns, cake, basic party games and a lot of random running around. If you want to take the kid’s party idea a step further, consider a mystery party. These are well organised parties that keep children engaged without involving a lot of cake, ice cream and other sugary treats to keep them occupied.

Ideas For Mystery Parties

The traditional mystery party theme is a murder mystery party. You can purchase kits that set the scene for a murder and give you a cast of characters for your guests to become. Guests will enjoy getting in character and investigating the murder. You can also host a spy-themed party for kids. Tell them that a mysterious suspect stole a treasure, and it’s their job to find it. Give the kid spies clues that lead them to the hidden treasure. The first spy to find the treasure can take it home as a prize. You can even use the mysterious but popular board game “Clue” as inspiration for your party. Assign guests a “Clue” character before the party, and have them come dressed in costume to re-enact a classic “Clue” mystery.

Mystery Party Ideas

You may set the stage, perhaps 1940s Latin America. American tourists and locals are trapped in a brightly coloured dance hall. Mambo, salsa and samba music are playing on your hidden MP3 player. Salsa, chips, empanadas, mini tacos, tropical fruit and sangria cover the buffet table. How about the Louisiana Bayou in the 1930s? People are dancing to Cajun, zydeco or the blues. The juke joint is jumping with a rustic honky-tonk feel to it. Crawfish, oyster pie, crab cakes and “moonshine” tempt your guests to nibble while anticipating the impending murder.


Literature is a strong base to build upon. Choose one book, or have a myriad of characters. (Your guests might enjoy choosing their own.) With classical music playing, serve your guests sparkling wine, tea sandwiches and petit fours. Transform your party area into an old library to set the stage for an assassination. A professional bake-off could take place anywhere at any time. Guests could be judges tasting delectable treats, others would be competing chefs. A dessert potluck is offered for the food, decor could be fairly simple with some banners and decorated tables. Or it could be held in a professional kitchen. Choose music to fit the mood.

Mystery Theme Party Ideas

A simple approach to a murder mystery is to throw a themed costume party. Have small cards ready to hand out to your guests. They are to be kept secret. One card will say “victim,” one will say “murderer,” the rest will be blank. When all of your guests have arrived, the victim will “die” and yes or no questions may be asked to find the “murderer.” Whether you host a simple get-together or a full-scale murder mystery, the players should be immersed the minute they step into the room. That will surely make your gathering a party to die for.

Ideas For A Mystery Party

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