Mexican Party Ideas

Mexican party ideas tend to be very popular among the people nowadays. Various themes can be used for this kind of party as well. Like any other parties, there are some considerations as well such as the invitations, decorations, party food as well as the games and activities.

Mexican Theme Party Ideas

Mexican parties are called fiestas and are filled with great food, drink and music. The Mexican flag provides a bright and cheery colour scheme for all your party decorations. There are many authentic foods that are easy to make and everyone will love. Most Mexican parties are held outdoors and include original Mexican music, dancing and just plain having fun.

Mexican Theme Party

Like any other parties, invitation is an important part. You should send out invitations with Mexican-themed images such as a sombrero, piñata, cactus or chili peppers. Trace and cut these shapes out of coloured card stock and write the party information with a fine point marker or shop the scrapbook section of the craft store for stickers in the Mexican theme. Add these embellishments to the cover of blank note cards and fill in the party information on the inside. You may also check your local party supply store for boxed sets of Mexican fiesta-themed party invitations.

Mexican Themed Party Decorations

Decorate the party space with chili pepper string lights. Balloons and crepe paper streamers are economical ways to add colour and fill space, so add a mix of these in bright colours or go with the red, green and white colour scheme of the Mexican flag. Hang a few sombreros around the area or place them on the tables as centrepieces. Toss a mixture of dried beans and peppers into the rims of the sombrero centrepieces.

Mexican Dinner Party Ideas

Placing homemade salsa and nacho chips on your tables is a great way to greet the guests. The easiest way to create some authentic Mexican food is to have a taco table. Put out all the fixings to make their own tacos. Then have a tray of enchiladas and stuffed chilies. For drinks, fill a cooler with Mexican beer and limes and have a blender to make frozen Margaritas. You will also want to keep some fruit drinks for the younger guests and those that don’t want alcohol.

Mexican Party Supplies

Mexican Party Decoration Ideas

You can have the guests join in and play the traditional Mexican piñata game. Purchase your piñata from a party supply store or make your own from papier-mâché. Fill the piñata with anything from candy and toys to lotto scratch tickets and dollar store trinkets. Hang the piñata, blindfold players and let them try to hit the piñata with a stick to break it open and spill the goodies from inside. Hire an instructor to give guests a lesson on how to do the Mexican Hat Dance or learn the dance ahead of time and teach it to guests at the party. Find instructions online and print copies for guests to use as a guide.

Mexican Party Decorations

Mexican Party Ideas

To further enhance the party atmosphere, you can play some Mexican CD’s at your party. The music will lead right into the games as there are some fun songs that you use to do the limbo, line dance and get the “Hot, Hot, Hot” train going to. And it just wouldn’t be a Mexican party without breaking the piñata. Piñatas can be purchased at department stores and party stores or you can easily make your own, using balloons, masking tape and paper Mache.

Mexican Themed Party