Hello Kitty Party Ideas

Hello Kitty party ideas tend to be very interesting and enjoyable for, not only the kids but the adults as well. Some considerations for this kind of party include the decoration, invitation, party menu, as well as the party games and activities.

Hello Kitty Party Decorations

A Hello Kitty birthday party is a fun way to share your child’s love of all things Hello Kitty. Her simple and wholesome way of playing and exploring her world are easy for children to relate to. Hello Kitty has a wide age range of fans, from toddlers through teenage girls.

Hello Kitty Tea Party

For parents who do not have much time on their hands, ready-made Hello Kitty invitations always save the day. You can easily find and buy Hello Kitty party invitations from party supply stores and sometimes in bookstores in different styles and designs. However, if you want to make your daughter’s party a little more intimate you can always make the Hello Kitty invitations yourself. The simplest way to do a Hello Kitty party invite is to draw Hello Kitty’s face where you can write all the details of the party on one side. If you are skilled in drawing, you can add a few stylish lines and doodles to make it more attractive.

Hello Kitty Party Ideas

Hello Kitty Party Theme

For the decoration, you can purchase Hello Kitty napkins, plates and tablecloths online or at your local party supply store. Hang pink, yellow, white and purple steamers all over the party area. Hang Hello Kitty posters and pictures on the walls. Place any Hello Kitty toys or accessories you have around the party area for decoration. Make a centerpiece for your table using a bouquet of pink and white balloons with a plush Hello Kitty toy as the base. The best colors for a Hello Kitty party are white, red, pink, green and a little bit of black. Streamers are inexpensive and can make a huge impact for transforming your party room into a Hello Kitty birthday room. Use every streamer color together, along with balloon bouquets as the base of your party decor.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party

To enhance the overall party, you can have a teen or adult paint Hello Kitty faces on the cheeks of your party guests. Give each party guest a pair of kitty ears, which you can find online or at your local retail store. You can also make your own kitty ears using a headband and felt ears. Paint a nose and whiskers on each party guest’s face. Set up a table with beads, elastic, Hello Kitty charms and jewelry claps. Each guest can make her own Hello Kitty jewelry, such as a necklace, bracelet or anklet, to take home as a party favor and memento of the party.

Hello Kitty Party

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