Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Pirate birthday party ideas are a great choice for kids, or even adults, who love pirates or sea. This kind of party requires some considerations in the decorations, food and drinks as well as the party activities, in order for the party to be fun and interesting.

Kids Pirate Party Ideas

Pirate parties are a popular way to add a little adventure to a common birthday celebration. The basic theme can work indoors or outdoors and is versatile enough to fit any budget, from modest to extravagant. As long as you provide pirate-themed refreshments, decorations and entertainment, the birthday boy and his guests will have an enjoyable celebration.

Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

A few creative decorations, in addition to basic balloons and streamers, provide a festive pirate theme. A glued stack of plastic skulls going from large to small provides a table centrepiece. Ship-shaped pieces of poster board covered with tufts of grey tissue paper provide wall decorations with a foggy “ghost ship” appearance. Aluminium foil-covered cardboard swords and white paper skull-and-bones can also serve as wall decorations.

Pirate Theme Party Ideas

Kids will delight in eating octopus dogs (hot dogs partially sliced into strips to make tentacles) and gulping down “bilge water.” Find a small cask or barrel, fit a bowl or a brand-new bucket inside it, and fill with a sweet green drink. If the barrel doesn’t open easily, use it as a prop. If you’re a foodie, your pirate-themed party for adults could feature a “Barbary Coast banquet,” with dishes from North Africa. Or invite guests to bring dishes from any region known for piracy, such as the Caribbean. Even non-foodies can handle whipping up a signature cocktail. You can rename a classic drink for the occasion, or design your own. If you come up with your own drink, printouts of the recipe, on refrigerator magnets, perhaps, make great party favors.

Pirate Party Ideas For Kids (Custom)

An assortment of pirate-themed snacks and drinks help keep kids energized and satisfied during the party. Blood red fruit punch in a skull-shaped bowl creates a drink centerpiece for the refreshment table. English fish and chips, fish-shaped snack crackers, apple “dagger” slices, gold foil covered chocolate coins and colorful “gem” hard candies provide pirate-themed snacks. There are several pirate-themed birthday cakes possible, from simple homemade to expensive store-bought. Cover a simple sheet cake with blue icing and plastic ships for a low-cost birthday treat. Decorate a sheet cake with frosting skull and crossbones for another affordable pirate cake.

Pirate Party Idea

Indoors or outdoors, a treasure hunt is an amusing game well suited for a large group of boys. Hidden chocolate coins and a “treasure map” list with clues are the only materials required for the game. Guests break into groups and try to find the largest amount of coins. The winning group receives a small prize, such as a bag of chocolate coins. Quick and easy pirate party games for boys can include Pin the Patch on the Pirate, Bash-the-Sea-Monster Piñata, Water Balloon Pirate War, Pirate Bingo or Musical Ships. Kids can hop on one leg for a peg-leg race or play Captain’s Orders, a pirate twist on Simon Says.

Pirate Party Favor Ideas

General pirate-themed activities help keep boys entertained when they get tired of playing games. Activities can include creating a paper eye-patch, cardboard sword or skull-and-crossbones fabric flag. The boys can also watch a kids’ pirate movie, have their faces painted with pirate-themed pictures or build a pirate fort out of boxes and blankets.

Pirate Theme Party

Party favours are a popular part of any birthday celebration for boys. Low-cost favours can include a small cardboard chest filled with gold foil-covered chocolate coins and colourful hard candy or a plastic pirate eye patch with matching bandanna. Expensive favours can include a pirate costume set with eye patch, sword, sheath, belt and bandanna, or a DVD of a popular kids’ pirate movie.

Pirate Themed Party

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