Fancy Nancy Party Ideas

Fancy Nancy party ideas are great for celebrating little girls’ birthday and they will definitely enjoy the fun. Some of the popular ideas for this kind of party include the fashion show theme, tea time theme, word up theme as well as the butterfly theme. You can also prepare a Fancy Nancy birthday cake for enhancing the overall Fancy Nancy theme.

Fancy Nancy Party Ideas

For some girls, it’s all about being fancy. For Fancy Nancy, more is always better when it comes to being fancy. Fancy Nancy is a young girl from a beloved children’s book known for her “fancy” way of dressing and zany personality. Concentrate on one theme or mix and match ideas for an extraordinary event.

Fancy Nancy Party Invitations

In Fancy Nancy’s world, fashion rules the day. At your daughter’s gala, have plenty of dress-up clothes on hand so all your guests can try on dresses, tiaras, hats, shoes and other accessories. And, of course, a Fancy Nancy party is not complete without feather boas. Once the girls are dressed up, let the fashion show begin. Put down a red carpet remnant, beach towel or construction paper for the runway and play some music in the background. As a take-home item, provide the girls with tiaras to decorate. Purchase kits that come with tiaras, jewels and a template to follow, or cut out your own using construction paper and buy jewel embellishments, glitter and markers.

Fancy Nancy Birthday Party

When it’s time to eat, get out your best tea set, the finger sandwiches and snacks, and let the proper little girls show off their fancy manners. Because the girls might not actually drink tea, apple juice is a good substitute. And instead of a birthday cake, petit fours will advance the fancy theme nicely.

Fancy Nancy Birthday Party Ideas

If your daughter is anything like Fancy Nancy, she likes fancy words – and French words, too. Nancy prefers canine to dog, parasol to umbrella, excursion to trip. Make a list of ordinary words and have your guests come up with their fancy counterparts. Also, have a list of French words for the girls to learn. And, of course, make sure you find the French words for fancy things.

Fancy Nancy Parties

A gala featuring Nancy would not be complete without butterflies. Have the girls cut out butterfly shapes to decorate with glitter, markers, jewels, feathers and craft foam. Have poster board on hand so the girls can make their own butterfly wings to decorate. Attach the wings with string or yarn. In the summer, the girls can chase butterflies outside. Or, print out Fancy Nancy printable for the girls to colour.

Fancy Nancy Party Supplies

Cake is one of the most important parts for a Fancy Nancy part. You can actually make a standard round cake and frost with pink icing, or use pink fondant for the cake. Green or purple also can be used depending on your party colour scheme. Use the icing or fondant to create ribbon bows for the edge of the cake. Place a large, sparkly tiara crown on top of the cake. Another option is to buy a crown-shaped baking pan at a craft store and make a cake shaped like an actual crown. Decorate the crown with pastel colours of frosting and candies or pastel coloured sprinkles.

Fancy Nancy Party