Dinosaur Party Ideas

Dinosaur party ideas are great for celebrating kids’ birthday as many kids nowadays still love dinosaurs. Setting up this kind of party is not a difficult task. Some of the considerations that you may need to take into account include the invitation, decoration, games and activities, as well as the party food.

Dinosaur Party Decorations

Although dinosaurs themselves are quite old, the idea of a dinosaur-themed party rarely gets old with kids. From the decorations to the food and down to the activities, it is possible to plan and have a great party, incorporating dinosaurs into every aspect of the event.

Dinosaur Party

The first step to setting up the best dinosaur-themed birthday party ever is choosing appropriate invitations. While there are dozens of dinosaur-themed invites you can either purchase or print out on your home computer, you can also consider making homemade invitations out of construction paper. Use a dinosaur-shaped stencil to cut out shapes to use as your invites, and ask your child to help personalize them.

Dinosaur Party Supplies

Kids Dinosaur Party Ideas

Incorporate as many large green plants as possible to create a dinosaur-like environment. Create dinosaur footprints out of brown paper bags and make a dinosaur trail either as an entrance into the party or from one area of the party to another. You can also invest in a large cut-out dinosaur and hang it on the wall. After the party, you can hang the dinosaur in your basement family room or in the guest-of-honor’s bedroom. Cut dinosaur feet out of construction paper and tape them to the walls, too. Place a banner printed with pictures of dinosaurs along one wall if you’d prefer. If it’s a birthday party, look for a banner that reads “Happy Birthday!” and that has pictures of dinosaurs on it. You can also make a cartoon talking balloon out of white poster board and write “Happy Birthday” in it. Tape the balloon next to the cut-out dinosaur’s mouth.

Dinosaur Party Ideas

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

A dinosaur-shaped piñata is a fine way to entertain the guests at your child’s birthday party, but it’s not the only game possibility. Amazing Moms suggests dinosaur-themed variations on familiar party games, such as “Pin the Horn on the Triceratops” and ring toss with long dinosaur necks as the target. If your child and her friends are dinosaur experts, you can play a flashcard game where the guests must guess the name of the dinosaur pictured on the card.

Dinosaur Party Ideas Dinosaur Themed

Keep the food kid friendly. Serve chicken wings or drumsticks but call them pterodactyl wings and dinosaur meat. Make sandwiches but use dinosaur-shaped cookie cutters to create dinosaur shapes. For the cake, use a dinosaur-shaped pan or make cupcakes for each guest. Frost each cupcake so it resembles a volcano and add a dinosaur cupcake topper to each one.

Dinosaurs Party Ideas

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