Cowgirl Party Ideas

Cowgirl party is an interesting idea especially for girls since it is rather unique and different from any common party idea. Some of the considerations that may involve for this kind of party include the party invitation, party food, party decoration, party activities as well as the party favor.

Cowgirl Party Supplies

If adventures on the open range fascinate your daughter, host a cowgirl birthday party that will capture the excitement and ambiance of the Wild West. Even if you want to celebrate on a budget, concentrating on theme-related details will help you create a happy hoedown that the guests and guest of honor will always remember.

Cowgirl Birthday Party Supplies

Invitation is an essential part for any party. Create a card that resembles a wanted poster with a photo of your daughter as the “outlaw.” Inside the invitation, surround party details like the date, location and time with a lasso made with rope stickers or thin jute glued around the edges. Encourage guests to dress up as cowboys and cowgirls and to bring their favorite horse stuffed animals to round up in a miniature corral.


If you are hosting the cowgirl party outdoors in the fall, consider setting out bales of hay for extra seating and decoration. Use bandannas for napkins or place mats. Set sunflowers, real or artificial, in mason jars as the centerpieces. Place cardboard cutouts of cactus, boots, horses and stars around the room or outside. Turn the food table into a chuck wagon. Cut out wagon wheels from cardboard. Hang a white sheet on the wall behind the table and hang ropes to make it look like the inside of a covered wagon. A small covered wagon can also be made with a wagon and two Hula Hoops and white fabric. Set the Hula Hoops standing up in the front and back of the wagon and then cover with the white fabric.

When it comes to the food, you can serve classic camp food like hot dogs and baked beans, watermelon and apple pie. Or go Mexican and serve tortilla chips with cheese and salsa and quesadillas. Other options include sloppy Joes, hamburgers or wagon wheel pasta and chili. The cake can be cut into the shape of a horse’s head before frosting, and you can make sugar cookies with a boot-shaped cookie cutter.

cowgirl party

Set up games to give your guests the cowgirl experience. See which guest can lasso the most stuffed animal horses in one minute or use squirt guns to knock down the most paper outlaw cutouts. Try activities like square dancing or a western relay race that requires guests to dress up in cowboy hats, vests and chaps before galloping on broom horses across the finish line. You can also let guests decorate their own foam or straw cowboy hat with stickers, ribbon, foam shapes and glitter glue.

Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas

Design a goodie bag for all the little cowgirls from a white paper lunch sack on which you have drawn black circles to mimic a cow print. Fill with hair ribbons, sheriff badge, strawberry licorice rope and other novelty items. You can also include a cowgirl coloring page that you printed from the Internet and a small pack of crayons.

Cowgirl Parties