Circus Party Ideas

Circus party ideas are splendid for kids who love carnival or clowns. This kind of party ideas can brighten up the legacy birthday party and meanwhile enhance the mood and ambience of the overall party. Some examples of these ideas include the big top theme, clowns theme, elephant theme, as well as the carnival gaming theme.

Circus Party Ideas For Kids

No matter the age of your child, a birthday party with a circus theme can be tailored to fit. A circus party with clowns treats and even a big top can be a party to remember. Whether you’re choosing your invitations, your decorations or your activities, you’ll find lots of ideas that will fit your circus theme.

Circus Party Supplies

Every circus needs a big top. The big top or the big tent is the central tent in any circus. It’s where all the action is. For your circus theme party rent and set up a big tent in your back yard. Make this the center of the action of your party. Let the birthday boy or girl perform a magic show to amaze his friends under the big top. Or simply place your cake and gift tables under the tent and invite kids in to eat their treats. Set up a table for face painting and water tattoo applications. This will add to the big top of fun idea. Play some big top circus games, too. Play circus music while leading everyone in musical chairs. Play clown toss. Let kids throw bean bags through the mouth of a cardboard clown.

Circus Party

Circus Party Theme Ideas

While some kids are afraid of clowns others love them. Hire a clown to make balloon animals at your party. If you don’t want to hire a clown find a friend who is willing to wear a red nose and some silly shoes for the day. Have clowns at the circus party playing with kids and acting silly. Bring in a trunk of clown costumes that kids can wear. Visit your local dollar store and stock up on silly noses, bow ties and wacky wigs. Let kids dress up and make their own clown outfits. This can be a little less frightening. Take lots of pictures of your guests clowning around.

Circus Party Decoration Ideas

Continue your circus theme by offering circus style snacks. Bags of popcorn and peanuts are easy to make ahead and stack on a table. You could also serve giant dill pickles and pre-bagged cotton candy. Die-hard circus fans may want to offer giant corn dogs and funnel cakes/ too. Circus snacks are easy to hold and eat while walking around. More snack ideas would pizza slices and nachos with cheese. Serve cold canned drinks to everyone and have garbage cans in open areas people can easily find and use.

Circus Birthday Party Ideas

Elephants are famous circus animals, so create an elephant-theme party. Serve a cake designed to resemble an elephant. Blow up a picture of an elephant for a game of pin the trunk on the elephant. Set up a craft table for kids and help them to create elephant masks. When the masks are complete, all of the elephants can join in an elephant parade.

Circus Party Decorations

If your child enjoys carnival games, focus on a gaming theme. Set up different game booths in your backyard — a traditional fishing game, for example. Tie a string with a plastic hook to a pole, and allow the kids to fish for prizes that have been placed inside a kiddie pool. An adult should help younger children “hook” their prizes. Or set up the clothespin game; have guests take turns trying to drop clothespins in glass bottles. Give prizes to the successful guests.

Circus Theme Party Ideas

Circus Party Ideas

Decorations, of course, will need to be colorful and reflect the theme. Handmade banners, in bright colors of red, yellow and white like those in the big top, can be used to announce the big top, the birthday child and areas for food and games. Create flag-style banners by stringing together colorful, long triangles of light-weight paper or felt. To create the illusion of a big top roof, use yellow and red crepe paper streamers gathered and tied together. Attach the gathered streamers on the ceiling in the center of the room. Take each individual streamer, twist it, and attach the ends to the walls at a height of about 6 1/2 feet. Continue to do each streamer in this manner, attaching them about 1 1/2 feet apart around the room. Furthermore, you can also decorate your backyard with bright colors and lots of balloons. Have plenty of inexpensive prizes on hand so that everyone leaves with a souvenir.

Circus Themed Party Ideas

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