Cinco De Mayo Party Ideas

Cinco de Mayo party tends to be a great party theme choice not only for kids but also the adults. Organizing this kind of party is not an easy task since you may take a few considerations into account such as the decoration, party menu, as well as the games and activities for the party.

Cinco De Mayo Party Decorations

Cinco de Mayo, celebrated on May 5, is the day of the Mexican army’s defeat over France in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Cinco de Mayo is acknowledged every year with fiestas attended to by people of all ages. A Cinco de Mayo party for kids can include crafts, bright decorations and tasty Mexican food.

Cinco De Mayo Decorations

The colors of Cinco de Mayo are vivid. Use plenty of red, green, yellow, orange and bright pink. Hang piñatas from the ceiling, place sombreros on tables or on walls, and showcase a large Mexican flag by hanging it in a prominent place. Kids could put on a sombrero and pose in front of the flag for a Cinco de Mayo photo souvenir. Decorate with lots of colorful streamers and balloons.

Cinco De Mayo Invitations

No Cinco de Mayo party would be complete without a colorful piñata. Hang it somewhere where everyone can see it well before anyone gets a chance to take a whack at it with a stick. Consider hanging several piñatas just for decoration. The donkey piñata is a classic, but there are lots of other great styles that are perfect for an authentic Cinco de Mayo celebration, such as a chili pepper, cactus or sombrero.

Cinco De Mayo Party Ideas

Candle light is another way to set the party atmosphere at your Cinco de Mayo festivities. Small terra cotta flower pots with just a few inches of sand in them make great candleholders you can use to light up your patio, deck or walkway or set on tables inside and out.

Cinco De Mayo Party Supplies

Set up a taco bar for your Cinco de Mayo party, complete with taco shells, meats and all the fixings ready for partygoers to assemble. Nachos with chili-cheese dip, guacamole or Pico de Gallo make nice appetizers, and a caramel flan or cinnamon chocolate brownies can be offered as dessert. Virgin margaritas or lime punch can be served as the main beverage.

Cinco De Mayo Party

Cinco de Mayo party favors could include maracas; small gift items with a chili pepper theme, such as chili pepper ties or jewelry; flan mix; streamer string; or personalized candy bars. These items can be bundled in small packages for each guest, or used as prizes for party games.


Piñatas games are a traditional Mexican activity, usually favored by children. However, adults will enjoy smashing a piñata, too, as long as it is filled with adult goodies. Piñatas can be purchased empty at most party supply stores, and several vendors even make custom piñatas.