Caribbean Party Ideas

Caribbean party ideas are suitable for most parties either for kids or adults. They are considered to be tropical-oriented and many different types of styles can be implemented depending on your creativity and imagination.

Pirates Of The Caribbean Party Ideas

A Caribbean-themed party should be full of vibrant colors, the sounds of a steel drum band, fresh and flavorful foods and island-inspired decor items. Use a vivacious Caribbean theme to enhance birthday parties, wedding receptions, anniversary celebrations and bridal and baby showers, among other special events. For an authentic look, infuse the party space with airy fabrics and citrus hues.

When throwing a Caribbean-themed party, set the mood with tropical-inspired decor. If you are on a tight party budget, use whimsical balloons to create ambiance. Blow up turquoise, sunny yellow, pink, bright coral and lime green balloons and display them around the party space. Group them into clusters and suspend them from the ceiling, railings or near entryways. Palm tree, flamingo and seashell-shaped balloons are also available. Enhance the party table with vases filled with fresh or silk orchids and birds-of-paradise; place single blooms in bud vases as guest place setting decor. If you are hosing the party outdoors, suspend vibrantly hued paper lanterns over the table or from porch rafters, or wrap colorful string lights around tree trunks and pillars.

Caribbean Party Ideas

One key to Caribbean decorating is that the furnishings can endure direct sunlight. Natural fibers such as wicker, rattan and bamboo are popular, and also evoke the trend in green design. White tile floors or white carpeting has a Caribbean beach house look, but tile floors or hardwood floors with throw rugs or mats also have a beach house aesthetic. Use bright baskets with bold patterns and designs as storage, or go for cool white lidded boxes for a more upscale look. Avoid dark stains, lacquered surfaces or anything that could be described as minimalist.


Marriages that last are worth celebrating. If you are approaching a milestone anniversary, you can celebrate the achievement with a Caribbean cruise. You can cruise with just your spouse and re-create the romance and magic of your honeymoon. You can also bring your family along on your cruise and celebrate with them at sea. If you plan a group cruise, schedule both free time and organized activities with everyone. On the night of your actual anniversary, plan a special Caribbean cruise ship dinner party for everyone who joined you.

Caribbean Theme Party Ideas

If you are unable to afford an actual vacation on a cruise ship, you can plan a Caribbean cruise-themed party at home. This can be done in honor of a special occasion or can just be a chance to bring friends and family together for a fun time. Encourage your guests to dress in cruise-wear like shorts and tropical shirts, serve Caribbean cuisine like papaya, coconut, jicama, so Frito, mango and ceviche, and plan traditional cruise games like limbo and shuffleboard.

Caribbean Themed Party Ideas